Why do I keep catching everyone’s illnesses :’(

does anyone else have trouble keeping illnesses at bay? Lately I seem to be catching every bug going. I only have to walk within 20 feet of someone who is ill and within 24 hours I’ve caught what they had but worse :’(

i don’t want to take supplements to improve my immune system as was advised by my MS team that I should try to avoid them. With this is mind, does anyone have any tips on keeping bugs away? Its really taking it out of me at the moment being ill every couple of days

I don`t get it.

Youre lacking something that a supplement may cure but your MS team has advised you to avoid them. You havent said why.

So 99.9% of us are advised to boost certain vitamins and minerals by MS Professionals to avoid certain symptoms.

I know what I would do in your situation.


my simple understanding is our immune system is attacking its self. vitamins and supplements can boost or diminish or cause us further illness. i believe they try to regulate an already confused body/system. this is not scientific in any way and just my understanding so may be completely wrong but it sits easy with me and i do take some that i believe help me. its different for us all.

take care, ellie

If you strengthen your immune system, does it follow that the immune cells which fight foreign invaders will also have extra ‘welly’ to attack your myelin?

I’ve just pinched this explanation:

Autoimmune disease occurs when an immune response attacks our own tissues. Like all adaptive immune responses, it is focused on specific antigens by T-cell receptors and B-cell receptors. In contrast to infection, the antigens that these cells recognise are processed from proteins within the target organ and this drives a chronic inflammatory process that disrupts the normal function of the tissue.

(I pinched that excerpt from )

So I’ve always thought that while taking vitamin D is necessary for us (possibly alongside Vitamin K and together maybe with B12), and it probably can’t hurt to take a multi-vitamin, making the immune system as a whole much stronger wouldn’t be such a great idea.

Or am I barking up the wrong tree? Or just barking?


ah Sue you are a bit barking sometimes! in the best possible way. my kinda doggie!

Woof woof.

good girl, now Sit!!

someone once used the term “compromised immune system” so i use it to explain why i catch germs easily.

so Sarah91 you are welcome to use it too.

Do you take a DMT?

How DMTs work

DMTs work by changing how your immune system behaves. They can make it less likely to attack the nerves in your brain and spinal cord so much. This means less inflammation and less new damage to your nerves.
You’ll still be able to fight off infections but perhaps not quite as well as before. If nerves have suffered permanent damage, a DMT can’t repair that.

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Hi there

I get everything going as well and always much worse than other people. My MS doc says my immune system is ‘deregulated’ which for me suggests like a wonky thermostat - sometimes overactive and attacks itself, sometimes underactive and lets every bug in. It’s rotten and frustrating - I sympathise.

My neuro & dietician basically put it this way. Our immune systems want to fight everything, even when theres no need to get into a fight, so boosting it with supplements to fight off every day stuff might not be a good idea as it could be even more aggressive. If thats makes any sense ?

Can’t say I’ve ever seen my immune system as aggressive. Started taking multi vitamins @ age 40, having had MS for few years. Oh they laffed, but it was me that didn’t get that winter cold. We have a chronic illness, that why we can get a flu jab.

I say take a multi vitamin. Just take a general one , don’t go ordering high doses…that can be problematic.

Yep me too, I was on Tecfidera 21/2 years but keep getting throat infections every month, my ms Nurse said it must be the Tecfidera which is causing them.

I am now looking to change to one of the injectable ones.

I hope she’s not wrong,!