Just a thought re I'm never ill

Hi folks, sometimes I think people talk of ms being caused by an overactive immune system, now if that’s the case would that explain why I never feel ill? Of course, I do get ill but not very often. Earlier on in the year I had tonsillitis but after a few hours of antibiotics I started to feel better and I was well enough to go back to work after a day off. Then a few weeks ago I had an infected tooth, the dentist said that we would treat it with antibiotics which was fine, and she said that I must feel terrible and I would feel better in a few days but other than the tooth feeling a little bit sore, I felt asolutely fine. Just a thought, what do others think? Cheryl:-)

Hi Cheryl,

Sadly, I don’t think it works out quite as well as that. I think you’ve just been lucky.

I’m not ill with much, I suppose. I guess prior to MS, nothing serious. I’ve always had loads of coughs and colds - worse when I was younger. October to about March every year used to be like one long, continuous cold! So I certainly don’t think I’ve got any inbuilt immunity, MS or not. The colds have got fewer as I’ve got older (and, I suppose, as MS has taken hold). But I’m told it’s natural for most people to get fewer colds as they get older. There are only a finite number in circulation, and you get immune to each, once you’ve had it. So as you get older, there are fewer “in the wild” you haven’t already had. So although it would be lovely to think of it as an unexpected perk of an otherwise vile disease, I’m sure it isn’t in my case, anyway.

I do intentionally steer clear of any supplements touted as “immune boosting”, though - echinacea and the like. I don’t reckon my immune system needs a lift, as it’s already busy doing what it should not. :frowning: I’m not sure whether “immune boosters” - assuming they really achieve that - would aggravate MS or not. But it’s not something I care to gamble with, just in case.



i wondered about this myself, i dont even remember the last time i had a cold or a virus, nothing. Probably have to go back at least 4-5 years. The theory makes sense to me although i dont know if that makes it true.

Hello Cheryl,

I have to agree with you on this. I very rarely get colds, and even when I do they are soon shown the door. I can remember last year, when all members of our house had the flu, but I was fine, and it was just me that had to go to the chemist/shops to fetch provisions. This has always been the same, as I was never ill as a child, until I developed suspected glandular fever. I am surprised that I never succumb to anything; especially now I take an immune suppressant. Mad isn’t it?!?!?

Best wishes,


Hi Cheryl,

Before 2007; when I had a bad relapse I was seldom ill with coughs and colds and rarely visited the doctor. Except for my weird MS symptoms that is! I do feel that my immune system seemed to be working extra hard. A year of over work and not looking after myself caused my immune system to become very low. It had to ward off those cold and flu viruses and finally took its toll on my health. It does seem that some people with MS are either continually stricken with viruses and others (like us) rarely have any.

Wendy x

When I was diagnosed with plaque psoriasis, my dr said I bet you never get sick. I thought, well no. She said when you have a autoimmune disease your immune system is working overtime. MS is a autoimmune disease. That’s why you don’t have as many colds and such. Now when you go on medicine, that should change. Your immune system will go down and can’t fight off a cold as well.

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Exactly that - hardly ever had colds, went about 7 years!! But since being on medication have had a few, much more than I used to.