Feeling ill

Does anyone else have this experience? I go to bed have a restful sleep, get up in morning feeling ill, by lunchtime I’m slightly better and by dinner time (6pm) I feel well…I have a relaxing evening watching telly etc. Go to bed around 10pm, have a good sleep and get up in the morning and go through the same scenario yet again…this is my daily life. No doctor can tell me what’s happening so can anyone shine a light on this experience? I’ve had MS for 23yrs and have had this happen too often.

I get days like this but i also have the opposite where i feel ok until lunchtime then go ‘off’ for rest of day ,my MS is random and does what it wants when it wants.Just now i am going through a very bad time of it where i feel like i am loosing my mind and it comes from nowhere its like a never ending massive panic attack and all i can do is lay down and try my best to keep calm i suppose it will last about 3 to 4 days it normally does,it feels like i have dementia but when i told the neuro he never said anything about it!!!

I had this when I was suffering from depression. The mornings were rotten, and most of the day was bad too then by 4pm it started to lift and I felt totally fine in the evening like nothing was ever wrong! Then to bed only to repeat it all again the next day. My doctor was familiar with this being the case for a lot of people with depression but scientifically nobody knows why this is the case. Holding this might shed some light for you. Hoping you feel better soon xxf

Ain’t MS such a fickle thing, one minute your up then for no apparent reason it’s pulled you back into oblivion. Thanks for sharing your story.

Thanks for your input Lisa. I can honestly say I’m not depressed but feeling like this everyday does get me down. I shall continue with my venture in getting the answer to this but, then again, after 23yrs of suffering this on and off I’m still no further forward. But I won’t give in.