Feeling ill.

Most days I feel unwell -

This has now sort of morphed from continuous unwellness to days when I have more energy than usual when I feel better but this is always followed by a period of ‘very unwellness.’

My physical symptoms are no worse but feel so ill at times that it takes a massive effort to get out of bed and I spend the day sitting in the armchair.

A ‘feature’ of my m.s. is that I always feel better before I have an m.s. episode. The longer the relatively good patch is the longer the bad patch that follows.

Can I do anything to break this cycle or indeed to get rid of this ‘unwellness’ which I guess is a variation of the fatigue we have.

Saw the G P about this - told that as I had m.s. ‘what did I expect!!?’

I am not on any drugs but the whiskey bottle looks tempting!

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Hi, I too feel ill every day, this can vary from 1 degree to another, either unwell, or really, really unwell. Everything is such an effort, I try to keep going, but its like pushing against a brick wall, I have SPMS and I only take Baclofen for the stiffness and spasms and I only take a relatively low dose, 45mg throughout the day as I know this can effect the fatigue, my nurse said the way I feel is perfectly normal and not to worry, I don’t worry I just get really PI**ED off that I can’t do even small things without paying for it. Good luck to you, take care and keep your chin up, x x


Hear Hear greenhouse

I have SPMS also, spend my daylight hours trussed up in my wheelchair. I take 70mg Baclofen throughout the day.

I once phoned my ms nurse said “I’m pied off”? She replied “ I’m allowed to be”? I felt sooo cray. This site is good to be

able to vent our thoughts and hopefully get an understanding response…

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Hi anon, well we’re here for each other, aren’t we ? , this condition is crazy, frustrating, annoying and everything else on top, here’s to tomorrow, hopefully for all of us it will be better, x x

I feel unwell most of the time.I am like you in the way that i have a time where i feel quite well for weeks then wham bam all at once feel very unwell again for most of the time.Just now i feel like i am dying most days and at times wish i could because i feel that bad.I can hardly stand for more than a minute or so.If i do i feel like im going to fall backwards.Sorry i don’t have any answers for you.I would like some myself.But no one seems to have any.I gave up asking years ago.

if I eat more than a small snack then I feel more unwell - as if eating worsens the problem. It’s not what I eat but rather the amount I eat that worsens things. I too am mega-pi**** off with it all!

Hi cracowian, me too. I had a roast dinner so looking forward to it, afterwards i felt like i had been hit by a sledge hammer. i think its how our body responds to an intake of carbohyrates and protein. i usually eat small meals in the week but i do love my roast.

FEELING UNWELL. Me too i try to explain to my daughters i feel AWFUL, like i have been hit by 3 viruses at once. You feel horrible, head buzzing, tinnitus sound loud you wish you had a volume control, burning, weakness and pain in my feet.

Just want to die with it. I have to push myself to let the dog out for a pee.

I just want to wake up and feel well. even with MS yes i have MS but weirdly i could wake up and feel ok would get up early deal wiht my chickens, do a little tidy, and now i just want to stay in bed but i know i cant.

I even check my vitals lol i am so anal. good pulse, good oxygen, BP ok, no temp. so i think what the hell lets do something but boy its hard work, its triggered a little by stress though i am sure of that.

take care, its no fun having MS. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Have you ms nurse, consultant, friends, family to help? I would ask for a different Dr who can help…presumably it’s a large practice? As ms is such a cra**y condition, a good percentage of us are prescribed a minimal dose of antidepressant.

I feel same greenhouse.I am fed up of trying to explain how bad i feel to drs and MS nurses that have no useful answers,so much so that dont even go anymore.People you tell don’t believe theres not any help but there isnt.I dont want to exsist like this anymore its getting too hard.I am so fed up of just trying to stay calm and drag myself from one awful day to another.

Hi, usually when my 8am automatic tablet dispenser wakes me up, I think It cant be time to get up already! Even though I have slept well, I rarely feel I have had enough sleep.

I have to get up when my carer comes…it`s her job to get me up etc.

Having a bowel movement is tiring…having a shower is tiring…I flop onto the bed while they dry and dress me.

Back in the wheelchair, ready for the day…I sew…I love sewing…but after 2 hours I am fatigued. 2 hours is on a good day. If I get engrossed and want to plod on with an item, I pay for it.

My left hand goes useless…I try to attach my sling loops to the hoist and sometimes it works…other times I ask my carer to do it.

I sit in my recliner for the afternoon and watch the clock move round to 4pm…tea time and then carer returns and puts me to bed. I am so happy to get to bed…

Going out is good and different after lockdown. I`m going to visit my sis tomorrow, as it is her 73rd birthday.

I`ll enjoy seeing her…but bedtime will bring relief.


Sorry you’re feeling rough. I don’t know whether this speaks directly to your situation, but you might find it interesting - it is by far the best explanation of why MS causes fatigue that I have ever seen or read. I hoped you might find it of interest.



Excellent read Alison, thank you.

Jan x

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thanks Alison - whether it’s fatigue or feeling very ill the result is the same - basically unable to do much without putting in a massive effort.

If I have a flu or cold virus I feel unwell - I wonder if some sort of viral infection is going on when I feel unwell.

No one seems interested in taking a blood test and checking - the approach seems to be - well you’ve got m.s. what do you expect.

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Hi lovely people, I am sorry to say but it was such a relief to me to read your posts. I am sorry you all have this horrible " unwell Ness" but thankful to know I am not a hypochondriac. I just feel so ill most days and try to push through because others can’t understand how I can look OK but feel **** I have tried using the spoon theory to explain but even that is not entirely accurate as most days I wake up feeling like I used all my spoons just to open my eyes. Even my hubby who is pretty understanding occasionally gives me the look, it says AGAIN.??? Yep again I feel ill, no I can’t really explain how JUST ILL. Sorry for the shout but I’m sure you will get it. Ellie

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There are not many that can’t understand really.Us that have the MS find it hard.So them that don’t find it hard to understand.I often say to my partner i would love to just give him it for a short while,like a few hours so he would know what i go through daily.I think that’s only way they could understand it more.They would soon give us it back though,wouldn’t they lol.

Know the feeling, fatigue and leg pain is a real bummer for me…wake up and feel as if I haven’t been to bed…I take wheatgrass or turmeric shots (l,ve ran out at the minute) they seem to give me a boost…whiskey bottle is tempting but hangover only makes things worse… good luck