Feeling ill

No lumps, no bumps, no aches and no pains - I just feel c*** a lot of the time. Underlying tiredness but overwhelming feeling of unwellness - like a permanent bout of mild flu. Pre m.s. and feeling like this I would have spent the day lying down, now I make the effort to carry on as usual but it’s a struggle. What causes this and what can I do. (been checked out by a not very sympathetic doctor and nothing found.)

Hi, I presume they’ve done the usual like test your wee and take your blood and temperature to check you’ve not got an infection? Are you on any drugs ie rebif that could be causing this? Depending on how long you have been feeling like this it may be that you are pre relapse. I often feel very fluey and generally crap when I am brewing a relapse and then it’s almost a relief when it comes cause I know what it is! Sorry to sound doomy, gloomy and hope it’s not this for you. Probably worth talking to MS nurse as if it’s none of the above there may be medication that can be prescribed to help (don’t know what it is though so can’t say but others may have experience). Hope you feel brighter soon and sorry not to be terribly helpful. Max xx

Hi, sorry to see how rotten you are feeling right now.

Like stansmum says, maybe it`s some kind of infection.

Try speaking to your MS nurse seeing as gp was u.s.


i’ve been feeling the same for the last few months.

painful legs and generally feel grim.

i’m going to phone my ms nurse tomorrow

carole x

Been like this for months. All tests come back o.k. I guess it’s a variation of the fatigue we experience. (Not on any m.s. drugs and don’t have an m.s. nurse.)

Maybe it’s your body telling you that you shouldn’t keep struggling on. As you say pre MS you would have taken to bed and rested up but now you struggle on. Why should now be any different? If you are feeling rubbish, take a day to rest and see if it makes a difference. I’m sometimes worst at taking my own advice but I did take a duvet day in April and felt so much better for it.

Tracey x

Theres nowt wrong wi having a duvet day. Wanted one meself today only I wet the bed and had to clamber out of it.

Cant have one tomorrow as I have a visit to the podiatrist for a toenail gouge…aarrgghh!

Mebee i`ll have my duvet day on Wed.