Always feeling unwell


i have highly active rrms and suffer daily from fatigue and pain, and have other symptoms that flare up on and off. But every day without fail I feel generally unwell. A feeling of malaise, like I’m about to come down with something. Does anyone else have this? Is it just ms, or do you think i can do anything about it?’thanks

I have been tramped in the same malaise since I became SPMS, but I’m adapting to this change.

I wonder whether the general malaise thing could just be a natural response to low-level inflammatory MS activity and the whole system therefore being under the cosh and out of sorts?

I have very active RRMS too, and the best thing for me has always to get the MS disease activity under control as a priority: only that gives my system a hope of getting back into some sort of balance and state of feeling something like well.

I am sorry that you are struggling - it’s horrid, I know.


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Thanks for your messages.

i though I was ok with the ms, but I think perhaps you are right Alison and the system is always under some inflammatory activity, and that is the cause. On reflection, I have been made redundant and dealing with that (a massive shock) and the subsequent job hunting, and starting a new job tomorrow - maybe it’s all just a bit much at the moment, wish I could disappear!

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yes, Laura know exactly what you mean - it’s a sort of blight. Feel unwell most of the time - no severe pain just feeling crap - doesn’t stop me doing things but it’s no fun planning things knowing I’ll feel crap! (Don’t think it’s anything to do with stress.) Don’t take any medication for it -

That’s right krakowian, though I am on meds (lots of them…)

Hi Laura, not to do with your post, but something you said above. I’ve been wondering how easy it is to change jobs after a ms diagnosis. I know there is legislation out there which is meant to protect us, but to be honest I have been feeling a little trapped and nervous since diagnosis about doing this. You have just shown above it’s possible. Good luck tomorrow.

Well, I have had the worst winter. However, I am getting in the swing of the winters now so I think it is something to do with the cold, for me. It creeps in during the end of November, I don’t ever feel blue about the winter, but my bones and everything just feels like lead weights and so tired. Very boring. The last few days when it has nearly got to 11 degrees for a short while made me feel much better. Not so heavy, limbs less tired. So I don’t know about you but I am sure my M.S. hates the cold, that bitterness seems to creep into me like some flamin Snow White spell.

Ignoring it all today, two pairs of leggings, best coat, trying to get to the library. And yes, it is snowing again! Comes to something when the most exciting thing this week is pricking out my seedlings and reading a good book.

It is funny though, Tuesday I could hardly move. I had a call about my Aunty who is 92 and very ill in hospital due to the lack of care from those who should know better. They had left her after a fall for ten days. My cousin phoned, he is very ill too. I knew if he had phoned me he needed me to go down. So I drove down the next day and went to see her, drove round the car park for a long time, long walk with sticks to the ward etc. I am so glad I came, mainly to see how terrible she looked, thin, not fed, been wetting herself in the bed, blood all over her head and hands from a fall at home ten days ago. I fed her lunch, she drank, she smiled, we had a sort of giggle about the big man visiting opposite. I’m rambling but I suppose my point is, earlier in the week, I could hardly move. I have been poorly on and off since December. However, when I received that phone call and became very angry and determined, all of a sudden I was outside making the car was driveable, finding my satnav, gathering a bag of things for her. I can’t tell you how much my body hurts several days later, but it reminded me that things can happen that make you do something that you thought you couldn’t. So, I am going to try to adopt this after a few days rest and do something a bit more strenuous and push myself to see what happens. Nothing drastic, not zipwiring down Snowdon, just maybe another hundred yards walk, get my stupid body going again now the spring is nearly here.

Don’t worry Laura, I recommend sunshine through the window soon and lots of happy things, funny films, funny books.