Zinc supplements

Morning all Just thought I’d share my experience. I started taking these shortly after diagnosis, amongst other supplements, on my nurses advice. I also had witnessed the health benefits that they give MrH, who suffers from a nasty underlying health condition. Anyway, I ran out about four months ago and having read some posts questionning their efficacy, didn’t reorder them. I am now on my third infection in three months and the third lot of heavy duty antibiotics. Speaking to my GP yesterday, I told him about the zinc supplements and his opinion was that zinc plays a very important role in maintaining, stabilising and protecting health in people with various immune system disorders, including MS. So job for today…reorder them and wait to see if things get better. Catherine Xx

Hi Catherine - a week without my supplements and I can notice the difference so always make sure I’ve got enough supply ordered in (my cupboard looks like it could be a holland and Barrett small shop!!) Hope you feel better soon and the zinc helps things again K x

Thanks Karina. It’s been a really rough few months. Three major infections, one of which I’m battling now, the loss of our beloved little cat and an MRI scan that shows progression and lesions now on my spine. So it wasn’t just infections making me feel rubbish !! Hey ho. Onwards and upwards. There’s still plenty worse off !! Xx

Glad you’re staying so positive and I know how rough you’ve had it recently and hope things only get better! At least you have something to look forward to with a new addition to your family soon x

Lost me on that one !?!

Can i ask what Magnesium supplements you take/took? I would like to try them and haven’t a clue where to start. Pretty sure my local health food shop see me coming, I go in looking for something end up with something that is twice the price!

I hope that you get better soon Catherine, you have had a rough few months. Onwards and upwards indeed!

Laura x

When i said magnesium i did actually mean zinc…oh it’s going to be a long day! x

Hi Laura I take a combo magnesium and calcium supplement…my nurse told me it is important to take both…can’t remember why !! Sorry. And I get all my supplements from Simply Supplements as they do great BOGOF which works out quite cost effective!! Catherine Xx

Haha…:)) I took 15 mg

And the good news is…I just found two bottles in the cupboard, belonging to MrH so I half inched one of them.

My brain must be going - I’m sure I saw something you’re expecting another grandchild - my brain must be going this morning too!! I got mine from simply supplements too but when holland and Barrett have their one penny sale it works out cheaper to get them from there. The reason to take the magnesium and calcium supplement is that the calcium helps the magnesium to dissolve correctly - but if you take enough calcium in your diet then it should be fine to take just the magnesium or zinc without a calcium supplement. Laura I take the high strength zinc tablets from holland and barrett and also take separately the high strength magnesium. I think the penny sale might still be on but if its not there will probably be another sale soon.

Aah…thank you. I’m not lucky enough to be a Mum. But hubby is a Dad and is a grandad to a gorgeous 18 month old little girl called Faith. He says I can tell you all because the news hit the media yesterday and so is no longer secret…his daughter, Michelle, has just announced that she us expecting her second child. Hence my surprise when you mentioned it !! I was told to stay schtum until the new was officially made public.

Oh maybe that’s where I got the connection from! Brain sometimes plays havoc! Nevertheless fantastic news :slight_smile:

It is lovely news for them. Completely unexpected. After the year she’s had with the double mastectomy and her heart problems, she deserves a multitude of happiness. And she will have her ovaries removed straight away afterwards, reducing her risk of cancer even further.

Glad that she’s finally having some good news after the horrific time she’s had and glad that she has another new addition on the way - babies bring new life to all around them. Congratulations to you all xx

A new baby - we love good news like that. Do hope everything goes well - and don’t forget to make sure your step-daughter takes a high dose vitd3 as a deficiency is closely connected to 16types of cancer - just google vitamin d3 cancer.

l have a friend - diagnosed with inoperable cancer - who after going to USA for treatment was put straightaway on 60,000ius daily of vit d3. He survived the op - and 8yrs later has had the all clear. Still takes his vitd3. And is looking better then ever.

Thank. Unfortunately it is all preventative surgery as she has inherited the BRCA2 cancer gene from her Dad.