i have read several posts about supplements, in particular magnesium. it was a certain blend of magnesium and i can’t find the original post.

so if anyone has this knowledge, i’d be grateful if you share

carole x

Hi Carole,

I obtained magnesium and vit.b complex from Healthspan. I thought they were doing me some good, then I began to get hot sweats. Apparently was told if adding magnesium, vit.d3 levels and calcium must be equally as good as it can drain the body. Mine were very low when tested, so now Im concentrating on getting those levels up first.

Im sure others take it and each have different views. I raved about it at first, now dare not take it because I also take lots of other things.

take care,



thanks bren

its a bugger isnt it? i take vit D and try to get calcium from my diet.


carole x

I take a combined magnesium and zinc tablet that I order online. I was recommended it on here. I take a fair few supplements and I’m sure they work

Hi I take magnesium for leg stiffness 250mg. There is also magnesium citrate or something like that. I don’t know the difference. Hugs Minxx