I’ve toyed around with Magnesium supplements many times over the past few years but never really noticed any benefit.

Apparently if taking D3 you need Magnesium alongside it, but when I put this to my GP and Neuro they both more or less dismissed it.

The Neuro said I would be wasting my money on Magnesium as I would be urinating out any surplus that the body does not need, and the GP said that because I’m not deficient in Magnesium it’s rather pointless taking a supplement !

So is it really worth taking Magnesium alongside D3 if blood tests do not show a deficiency ?

The last time I tried Magnesium (chelated), it seemed to coincide with me getting rather bad headaches, stiff neck and nasuea ?

Might of been a coincidence but when I Googled “too much Magnesium” the symptoms where very similar to mine at the time ?

Any opinions appreciated.

I got relief from spasms at night by taking a magnesium supplement.


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I get a tad confused by spasms versus spasticity. I class a spasm as a sudden jerky movement, wheres as spasticity maybe a stiffness tensing of the muscles. When ever I’ve asked my physio for an explanation all she says is they are both from the same sort of area. I cant really recall Magnesium helping in either if I’m honest ?

You’re both right.

A spasm is a sudden involuntary contraction and spasticity is muscle that is permanently contracted.

They both happen in the muscles.



I take it for neuralgia on my head. It got rid of it. Don’t listen to your doctor when it comes to MS, especially supplementation.

My neurologist was really annoyed that I wasn’t taking any medication and we agreed that if I had 5+ new ones since my last MRI that I should start on a new one. I don’t have any new ones. All I take is supplementation.


try a magnesium spray because it may not upset your tum and things hit the spot faster if applied transdermally.

holland and barrett do one.