Painful spasms

Hello everyone

I had my yearly checkup with the MS consultant last week and told him about my spasms in my left foot and left hip.

He kindly offered medication which I declined.

But last night the pain and spasm was the worst it has ever been.

Can I ask what medication people take for this symptom so that I can look into it and maybe get something from my GP.

Many thanks and I hope you are all keeping as well as you can.

I take 350mg of magnesium and that greatly eases the problem. It’s a beneficial mineral so no harm in trying, although you may need to adjust the amount a bit to see what suits you best.

But watch out for magnesium citrate as it’s also a laxative. Try magnesium oil which can be sprayed on the skin. Or magnesium glycinate. Or ask your GP for their advice.

Personally I have nasty stiff, spasming legs and take Baclofen, Cloneazepam and Magnesium glycinate.


I use Clonazepam 3mg per night. I started getting spasms which lasted for hours, I would be downstairs trying to sleep on the settee, hands on the table head in hands but nothing would stop the spasms so I asked my Neurologist and she prescibed Clonazepam. I sleep now without any spasms and the odd one or two during the day. It’s heaven. I hope you find your solution quickly. Janet x

Thanks whammel, Sue and Janet for your input. I’ll try the magnesium first, then I’ll get something on prescription if I find it doesn’t work. My only concern with the magnesium is any impact on my heart condition so I’ll check it out to make sure that it’s safe for me. Thanks again for your support.

If you have a heart condition, it’s always a good thing to run any supplements past your GP before taking them.

Best of luck. Spasms are horrible.


Gabapentin Morning 400mg, Afternoon 400mg and Night 70mg. Amitrytaline 50mg per night and Fulitum (Prescribed - High Vitamin D).

Without this my Spasms are excruciating, this wards off 80% of it.

Hi guys

I’ve looked into the magnesium and I’ve been recommended by my GP and a heart failure pharmacist to try magnesium as its recommended that I should have a higher than normal blood level as its cardio protective and my heart medications will tend to push it down as part of their action. So I’ve ordered some and will start it when it arrives. I’m killing two birds with one stone!! Again thanks for your advice.