Spasms are so bad

Wondered if anyone could give me some advice. I’m quite literally at the end of my tether with bad spasms in my legs and back. Trying to get sleep is quite literally a nightmare and first thing in the morning i can hardly move with spasms in legs and back. I am now so down with it. I take 70mg baclofen and cant take the other drug. I dont want to take botox as then I wont be able to stand and take the few steps I can. I’m now in a wheelchair. I would so appreciate any advice!

I take 200mg of magnesium and find it helps ease problems with spasm and cramp, although you might need to experiment a bit to find an amount that suits you best.

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Ask your neurologist about an interthecal Baclofen pump. Have a look at

Or you’ve said you can’t take ‘the other drug’. There are several that act on spasms. Maybe there are others you could try?

Or as Whammel suggested, try a magnesium supplement. Go for magnesium glycinate though not magnesium citrate as that can cause diarrhoea. Or many people use a magnesium spray directly onto the skin.

Spasms are truly sent from hell to torment us.

You have my sympathy, without Baclofen and Cloneazepam, I’d be a miserable wreck. Luckily, they generally manage the spasms. It’s only now and then that I’m in spasm misery.


Hi, I take up to 650mgs of magnesium every day and magnesium spray it really helps with spasms.

When I had severe spasms the thing that controlled them for me was Diazipam. I know it isn’t something anyone would take in an ideal world however our world isn’t ideal.

Best of luck.

Jan x

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Thanks for replying. I have bought some magnesium tablets and a spray. Hope it helps. Going to try it out tonight. Do you know if there is an upper limit to how much you can take? Thanks.

Hi. I have asked my neurologist and the only thing that has been thrown about is botox and thats not ideal. I’m going to give the magnesium a try and pray it helps. What kinda drug is cloneazepam? Is it similar to diazapam? Thanks.

Hi. I’ve just bought some magnesium pills and spray. It says 250mg a day. Is it safe to take more and use the spray? Honestly, I would take anything to make the spasms stop!


Hi, I tried diazapam a few months ago now, only 5mg i think, it didnt seem to do much but maybe I should have stuck with it. I only took it at night. The spasms are worse now as I had an accident with boiling water in January, spilt it over my thighs! Not the best thing I’ve ever done! It was pretty bad and I needed a couple of skin grafts. The pain is making my spasms go into overdrive! Thanks

I would start with one of your 250mg tablets for a couple of weeks,or so, and see if it makes any difference, before looking to increase the amount if necessary. Certain types of magnesium can act as a laxative, so best be cautious.

According to the Department of Health 400mg is the upper limit for supplements.

Cloneazepam is from the same group of drugs as Diazepam, being a benzodiazepine. But it has less down sides than Diazepam, being less addictive, having less of a tolerance problem (ie, you can take the same dose for years without it becoming less effective. It helps with muscle relaxation and has a mild sedative effect. It’s different in effect to Baclofen. I started taking it because I was suffering internal tremors, which felt like palpitations or internal shaking. But I’ve found it helps with spasms and also with sleeping.

See if the Magnesium helps, if not, ask again about other drug options.


Neuroligist Prescribed me clonazepam For night time spasms .5 mg so small dose works well have to miss the odd night or muscles go quite weak but a life changer