Hi everyone,

I suffer really badly from spasticity, it is actually one of my biggest challenges.

Does anyone else find it quite tricky to deal with? What do you do to try to ease it? I feel like I walk like a stick woman!

Thanks for your time


Hi kw,

I take baclofen for spasticity and muscle stiffness - not sure how much it helps but ms nurse said to me recently that I might be much worse without it!!!

Legs kinda go into spasm whin I stretch them out - go in their own direction.

I know that this isn’t of much help to you so I hope that somebody else has more information for you,

Good Luck

Marie x

Yeah, Baclofen was recommended by MS physio. I think it’s the first thing that should be considered.

Personally I didn’t get on with it so I’m now trying Tizanidine - there are a few options.

Good luck

Sonia x

Thanks guys, I am glad there are options! Constantly stretching when trying to walk.

I have not yet met my MS nurse but I will be sure to mention this.



I get spasticity and painful cramps in both hands and right foot. It’s now my worst symptom. I take Baclofen and Gabapentin which help a bit but not nearly enough. Keeps me up all night sometimes (why is it always worse at night?). Doctor and neuro say there’s not much they can do about it. I tried coming off them (gradually) but it made things much worse so they must be doing something. Just wish there was something more effective. Been looking into Sativex. Haven’t plucked up the courage to ask for it yet as I think they’ll just say no and I don’t have the energy to argue.

I’d be really interested to hear how others manage it.


Many MSers find magnesium helps ease problems with spasm & cramp, including me.

JZ, it is worse at night isn’t it? By morning it takes me ages to get the hang of my stick woman walk! It is my worst symptom too.

Thank you for all of the suggestions. I am yet to meet with the specialist but I am pleased that there are some things to try.


Do take magnesium - its recommended to take alongside vitd3 - certainly helps with stiffness and cramps. lf you are able to get into a bath - then a handful of epsom salts [which is magnesium] in the bath does help.

Baclofen and tizanidine are usually the first meds the doc’s prescribe. They do have side-effects - and these can be worse then the problem you want ‘fixed’. lf you are lucky - your gp might prescribe Sativex - and this does not have the side-effects of the previous meds. lts what l take - and for 3yrs. Doesn’t make me drowsy or weak.

Yoga/pilates/tai-chi stretching exercises will help. l find l am better to keep moving - and l hardly ever sit down - try to stand and keep stretching/flexing my muscles all the time. Even when in bed -l like to do stretching - especially before getting ready to get out of bed. A couple of mins of working my legs - having a grunt and groan - is better then trying to stand up and landing on the floor!

Spasticity is one of my worst symptoms, I take both baclofen and tizanadine daily at 2 hr intervals. Takes the edge off but doesn’t get rid of it entirely.

My spasticity is does not manifest itself in spasms but just increased tone making walking difficult. Baclofen or Tizanidine dont really release that tone to improve walking.

Moyna xxx

Thank you very much for all of your suggestions. Armed with your knowledge foor when I see the specialist. I really appreciate it!