Cramp and muscle spasms in feet

Hi, I have SPMS and for a while now after I have walked and then rested I get terrible painful cramping and muscles spasms in my feet and toes it’s awful and sometimes makes me want to cry. Does anyone else get this symptom? I have been offered Baclofen medication for this but you cannot drink alcohol with that and I like a glass of wine now and then to relax. Any feedback would be appreciated. Oh also I asked my MS nurse if I would benefit from using my walking stick more to stop this from happening and she said no it would not help only the medication will do that

Many thanks.



I take baclofen and still have a few drinks without problems. I also use magnesium spray oil for cramps. Be aware it is an oil and lethel if it gets on the floor. I spray into my palm and massage it in. Helps me.

Hello Curly

I use Baclofen and drink my fair share of gin and wine. I’ve never noticed any problems mixing the two!

As for using your stick more, how does the MS nurse know that it wouldn’t help? If I were you, I’d use the stick a bit more and just see if it works. If it doesn’t, then you’ve lost nothing.

Poppy’s right about magnesium spray, many people use it for cramps and for spasms. I haven’t tried it because I can’t use oil and the FES (and I get spasms more in my calf muscles than my feet so the electrodes wouldn’t stick). Be careful walking with bare feet if you use oil on your soles though!


Thank you I will try the oil and seriously think about the Baclofen. I will have to use my stick more as I thought it must help taking some pressure off whilst walking.

Cheers guys

Hi Curly

I am also SPMS, use a wheelchair for all transportation & can transfer just! I take Baclofen. I am parcial to a glass of red

once the sun goes over the yard arm! Mainly get ms cramps in my legs.

Hi Guys again,

I forgot to ask does Baclofen make you really relaxed as I sleep too much already? Also any bad side effects?

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It can make some people drowsy. I take 10mg in the morning and 2 x 10mg at night. It helps my stiff joints and calf muscles. I don’t feel sluggish in the morning.

Personally no. I take more or less as much as I like. The maximum dose is 80mg per day and they come in 10mg tablets. I tend to take 1 in the morning, 2 at lunchtime, 2 more early evening (7.30ish), and another one before bed. But I often put one on the side to take in the middle of the night because I tend to wake up spasming. So I take at least 60mg per day, and often 70 or 80. It just depends on how my legs are behaving.

Baclofen is the one drug I don’t worry about, I can still stand up and transfer from one place to another. I can walk a bit with FES, so I’m not asking for too much stiffness from my legs.

Most people start at a significantly lower dose.


Have you had your blood test checked. Low sodium can cause this cramp and muscles. even borderline. It wouldn’t harm to have your bloods checked as you can get your magnesium checked too, sometimes it is just a simple fix. Low sodium is very common now.