Stiffness and spasms - any suggestions?w

My right leg is very stiff and makes walking very difficult. My foot/ankle spasms severely, especially in bed. I recently tried Baclofen which eased the stiffness and stopped the spasms, but although I was only taking 5 mg (half a tablet) all my muscles relaxed and weakened so I could hardly stand up! I read somewhere on this forum that magnesium might help. I’ve been taking 375mg for weeks but it’s no help either. Any suggestions ?

Better 4 you magnesium oil and tonic water as it has quinne in. Hope these help

I couldn’t get on with Baclofen so I’m now taking Tizanidine - between 4mg to 8mg a day. I don’t get spasms but I get stiffness in my lower back and tightness in my calves making it difficult to walk (all since being on Gilenya I might add) and that seems to help.

Hi Zoe Should’ve said - been using the magnesium oil for a couple of months with no benefit. I stopped using it when I started the tablets. I don’t think tonic water has quinine in it nowadays .

try a quarter of a baclofen.I wish they worked for me Good luck with it speak toyour MS nurse, Don

Hi John, I have the same issues but on my left side. Like you it can be worse at night, although Ihave had some horrific days and I can’t even lift my legs as the spasms are so bad. I was on baclofen but came off it. I am just waiting on a report to see what treatment has been suggested. I will get back to you as soon as I know Lou x

LouLou Looking forward to hearing your advice.

Baclofen did the same to me, muscle weekness, or it seemed too, to me anyway, in fact iv got worse since I was diagnosed and put on drugs, but what do we know, do as your told, they are the experts? Thinking about going to see a witch doctor, lol can’t be any worse, good luck to everyone, my nuro thinks iv possibly had a relapse, so putting me on 15days of steroids, my daughter gets married in 3 weeks, would like to walk down aisle, not give her lift on my lap, lol