spasms in leg

Morning everyone

Had a great night last night,couple of whiskeys and cokes, really enjoyed myself.Went to enbed,snuggled down,fell asleep and then a hr later i was like flipper whale without the water. I really hate these spasms.My right leg was going ninety to the dozen,kicked the cat,kicked the old man which really wasnt a bad thing cos he was snorning.I really hate nights like this.So being a good kind person i am,trotted off to the spare room,and fell asleep.

This morning my legs feel like ive climbed a mountain, they are very stiff.Wet weather dousnt help either.Taken the baclofen,and lets hope it works quickly.

Off to corfu on wed,to have a break,sunshine always makes me feel better.dont use the stick at all.

Thanks everyone for me listening



thank yu mildred the witch.

never usually have probs with whiskey or vodka,maybe something to do with the weather.e

Are we a white witch x

Hello Kim,

Sorry you’re having trouble with your spasms, hope your holiday will help sort you out without kicking the old man!!

Enjoy yourself.



Hi Kim,

I’m quite used to ‘spasms’ in the 13 years that I’ve had MS. Deep relaxation can help but you will be in that environment soon. I have ‘learned’ to live with them - I don’t know what alcohol does but I gave up when I was diagnosed. Have a good holiday.


i got squiffy last week and the cramps were horrendous! i was dehydrated as well from the hot weather.

but the night out was so good!

enjoy your holiday

carole x

hi kim i was going to ask is the baclofen any good also do you have any side effects from it my neuro has said to try it,i am a bit unsure what to do.

thanks janette

hi kim

my legs starting to twitch when in bed and my other half rathers that than my snoring

it’s irritating as hell,i find weather or even way i’m sitting brings it on

i take baclofen and amitriptyline at night and helps lot

hope you get under control soon and all ok