Help, really bad cramps this week!!

Hi Everyone,

I haven't been here for a few weeks as luckily things have been going well. Well it seems that was just too good to be true. I have been off work all week with really bad cramps in my legs. It started in my left calf and is now in both. It feels like I been hit on the back of my legs with a baseball bat! If I try to stretch them them cramp goes to my feet and my thigh muscles go all tight too.

I take 30mg of Baclofen a day and magnesium and potassium supplements. ( As well as Rebif and a whole host of other stuff,) I don't know what else to do! My MS nurse is out of her office till next wednesday and I see my consultant on the 25th, so any advice on what I can do to ease this would be great.

Also fatigue is back in a big way, I've had to have an afternoon sleep every day this week. I'm not sure how work are going to take this setback as I only went back at the end of September after 9 weeks off!!

Sorry to moan but please help




Hi Jess,

I'd echo Kim's suggestion to try the GP.  Although some (including mine) are a bit reluctant, they can deal with routine symptom relief like Baclofen.  They don't need the say-so of a neuro or MS nurse.

So I would think one of the first avenues is to discuss whether you can try increasing your Baclofen.

30mg is the same dose I take, but it's well within the max allowable, so it's worth asking whether you could/should take a little bit more.  This might make a difference.

If it doesn't, there are other muscle relaxants that can be prescribed by a GP - again, not needing the permission of a neuro or MS nurse.

To be honest, I don't think you'll find anything without prescription, that does the trick, if the cramps are that severe.  It's going to be either more baclofen, or a different anti-spasticity drug, or some combination of the two.


Thanks for your comments,

I agree, I do unfortunately think its the start of another relapse so I've made an appt to see my GP on Monday.

Thanks again