More questions about relapses (sorry)

Hi everyone, Im so grateful ti everyones help on the forum, you’ve been a complete lifeline, and I hope one day Im in a position to offer advice like you do :slight_smile: Im back with more questions. Basically, my legs can move ok, however weightbearing just doesnt happen, my legs just seem to buckle beneath me if i try to stand on them, has anyone else had this?? Thank you so much for all your help xx

My knees developed the alarming habit of randomly buckling last year. Not sure if this is the same as you though? At their worst, I couldn’t stand for more than 10 seconds. It turned out to be a kind of spasm doing it (we think!) and a combination of time, pregabalin and baclofen have got it under control so that it happens very much less frequently these days. If I were you, I’d ask to see a neurophysio (your GP can refer you) - they are the experts at identifying what’s going on, and what to do about it. Just a thought - are you on baclofen? Taking too much baclofen can make the muscles too weak to support you. Karen x

hi I have had weakness in one leg and two at times in the last 3 weeks too so hobble about on crutches at the moment, I believe this was after another relapse, just had confirmation by MRI that its definitly MS, still not been contacted by ms nurse BUT SO GLAD i have found this forum you dont feel so alone all the best

Thanks for your replies! Ive been on baclofen for quite a while now so not sure if it will be that, but shall ask tomorrow! Thanks for that suggestion though, Id never thought of that! Blaze, totally agree with you about the forum, keep posting :slight_smile:

will do little tiger all the best