knees give way

Just been diagnosed and now my knees give way, is this due to my lack of walking as fatigue sets in quite quickly now, or could it be the baclofen? walking down steps is getting to be a tad difficult unless i hold onto something/one,

hi tobytyke

its still early days for you.

talk to your ms nurse because there will be some med that can help.

i had that very same symptom early on.

sometimes feel like i’m walking on someone else’s legs (!?)

maybe physiotherapy would help - ask your ms nurse to refer you.

good luck

carole x

Hi tobytyke, is this like someone kicking the back of your knee? I’ve had that during my last two relapses, not good when your struggling to walk anyway, thankfully I have since been diagnosed, had some steroids and start dmds this week. Also had trouble walking downstairs, this was due more to the tremor in my leg, that has also left me since the steroids. Hope you find a answer soon. Take care C

Yep, its exactly that, it feels like someone knocking your knees from behind. I have apptmnt with the neurologist in a couple of weeks to start treatment, no rush is there? Not been given a date to see the ms nurse but at least i`ve seen a physio that has given me some squats and other stretches to do. I have an occupational therapist calling next week to check out my house!

I did go to an osteopath on Wednesday, which was not recommended by the neuro, my lower back has been aching for some time and i thought this may help.

Hope this feeling doesn’t last long, like I said this started around the time I had my last 2 relapses. Both times it eased off went away. Good luck with the exercises, I was given some by my physio to improve my balance, unfortunately I kept falling over LOL. Good luck C

cheers, i am the same, i need to strengthen my core. This should improve the back too.