weak knees and hips

Hi there. I have this weird sensation at the moment. In addition to lower back pain (I have arthritis in the lower spine), for the last few days my legs, specifically my knees, have felt as if they are just going to give way. It’s getting a bit scary. I am trying to keep going and I walk up to the school and back at least once out of a possible 3 times per day, but now I’m feeling as if my legs are just going to collapse. Does anyone else have this? Just wondering if it’s likely to be MS or Arthritis :0/ thanks xx

Well, knees giving way without warning certainly is something MS can do, and does to me, from time to time. But it’s different from you in my case, in that it happens out of the blue. Having said which, I certainly do have weakness in hip/knee/ankle, particularly on one side, but this has always started as a relapse and then eased off, leaving me just a little worse off than before. Not sure how relevant this is to your situation, though. These days I take a hiking pole or two if going any distance.



Hi, I get pain in my hip + knees, the neuro said it was arthritis, but when I went to get checked out I had a bursitis in my hip + knees, the doc said it was common in people with ms? Just a thought julsiexx

I have quite a bit of problems with instability in my knees and I think hips, (I will stand up suddenly or do bend randomly and its like my thigh bones collapse) but it is mainly one side similar to alison said, itis very scary and im sorry you are having it consistently these past few days that is very disheartening offers hug.

I agree though maybe you should have a hiking stick (the ones that are fairly portable) may help or have you considered maybe using knee braces (the ones you have for sports injuries) it may just give you the feeling of stability and if you do fall or wobble it may be safer/ more gradual than full blown give way.

I wear ankle braces as I twist alot and even if i still twist i dont wind up with permanent damage and i feel more safe and secure with them on… Hope this helps, you may have tried it but you never know, take care of yourself and I think you’re doing really well to keep up the walking!

Hi there, my knees are very week and hurt pretty much all the time, walking up stairs at home can sometimes be a challenge and a half, as the knee feels like it’s not got the strength to push me up to the next step, thank heavens for the lift at work or I’d struggle to get to the first floor. When I do the leg strenghening exercises which involve squatting slightly it touch and go if I’m, gonna get up again, the leg muscles are strong it’s the joints that can’t handle it.

Fingers crossed you don’t get to bad.


My right knee just gives way without any warning sometimes and immediately afterwards I get a short sharp pain in the back of that knee. At other times I start to get a pain at the back of either knee, followed by (and including) pain under that foot. I usually go and lie down when that happens because its a precursor to spasms in my leg and foot. People think I’m just being lazy when I tell them :frowning: I have a problem with my right side in general, but it isn’t always my right leg that’s affected.