Knee giving out :(

Hi all ,

The last few days my left knee has been giving out on me , which is strange as my legs have actually been feeling stronger lately.

I’m getting what I can only describe as a tingling/electric current sensation in my knee every few steps and it immediately just gives out.

I sometimes got the same sensation if I tucked my chin in…not down my back…just my knee.

Does this sound like an MS thing ?

Has anyone had the same ? Can I do anything about it ?

My physio didn’t know what it was.

I’d appreciate any info , this has seriously affected my walking, I’m afraid to move :frowning:


I get this quite a lot.

We use a surprisingly large number of muscles when we walk. When the nerve impulses to our muscles get garbled by MS, some of these muscles don’t get the information they need to work properly.

When this happens a leg may not support the weight.

I can’t explain the tingling/electric current sensation but I expect it’s all related.

It’s possible that you can make your legs stronger by some simple exercises but you should see a qualified physiotherapist for advice. Ask you GP or MS Nurse for a referral.

Best wishes,


Hello June

It could be part of l’hermittes. Sometimes chin to chest gives us an electric shock type feeling, and often when I had it it would bypass my mid section and go straight into my leg or legs. I remember years ago having it and falling over in the garden. That was back when I could easily pick myself up (ah them were the days!)

At other times, I’ll be walking (um slowly with FES and a walker!) and one knee will sort of ‘fail’. It’s like the ‘hinge’ kind of cracks and the leg semi gives way. If it happened to both legs simultaneously I’d probably hit the floor. But so long as one leg stays firm I’m still upright.

So yes, to me it sounds like an MS kind of thing. Obviously if your legs are generally quite strong, the physio probably isn’t going to give you much in the way of help. They tend to know about muscles and obvious things, but nerves suddenly making knees fail is possibly a bit beyond the knowledge base of the average physio. But maybe just make sure your quads stay strong, then your non failing knee will hold you up.

This is obviously information based on my experience. It may not be the same thing that’s making your knee fail. Maybe mention it to your neurologist if you have an appointment soon (or I’d be tempted to write and ask if you don’t expect to see him/her soon).