Leg buckled - can anyone give advice please?

Hello I thought I was on the tail end of a long lasting mild relapse as pins/needles/numbness all receding after about 6 months of having them. However… my left knee has been feeling increasingly weak for about 6 weeks and yesterday I stood up and my leg just went. I couldn’t straighten it and I felt like there were no muscles. I wasn’t dizzy or anything and after a few moments it all came good again. Today it’s back to feeling strange but walkable but I’m slightly nervous in case it goes again. It would be really helpful to know if anyone else has experienced this. Could this be a one off (I’m forever hopeful!) or has anyone else got unpredictable weakness in their limbs? Thank you Jane xx

hi i,ve been like this for weeks now yesterday i nearly went down twice when my left knee just gave way.my left leg is the worse one at the moment though my right one seems to be going the same way.all i can suggest is some gentle exercise .try and see a nuero physio they are the best to help you here. also always use a stick when your like this.its not nice having to use it but it gives you a bit of surport and gives you a bit more confidence in yourself.sorry but i can,t tell you if or when you may improve its like asking how longs a peice of string we,re all different.don,t spend your days worrying about it happening again just get out and enjoy the sunshine

take care xx

Thank you for your reply. I’ll heed your advice and enjoy the sunshine! X

I can sympathise hun cause I was with friends on friday night and yes I had been standing most of the night (with an occasional wiggle to music) but on the way back to the car I had to go down a steep hill and I had to stop halfway cause I had this sudden feeling that my legs were going to buckle. It is the most horrible feeling and the only advice I can offer is to take it easy for a few days. I don’t think it ever really goes away - I can be standing still and suddenly my ankle twists. But I’ve learn to recognise the feeling in my legs if I think they might give way.

Take care hun xxx

Thank you for replying. My friend also suggested I try standing with my knees slightly bent if my leg feels funny again as it may help… you never know. Hope your Friday night was a good one despite the legs! Jane xx