Legs gave out....owweee!

Just went to give my daughter a lift to work, walking to the car my legs (or leg…who knows which) gave out on me and ended up sprawled in the road. Now I have 2 banged up knees, bruised ankle and palms of my hands. I do feel at bit sorry for myself. Not happened this badly before. Usually I feel weakness but his was so sudden :frowning: Anyone else have this happen? X

I’ve not had them give out on me quite like than, but I have had them go completely numb on me + the only way I kept upright was shear determination and telling myself ‘keep walking’. It’s scary as you like. I do hope things improve for you soon.

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Hi Amanda

Yes. I have had that about 3 times in the last 12 months. One time it ended up with a broken foot and the other a badly bruised hip. When I told my neuro he said that I must start carrying a stick at all times when walking. It is as if I suddenly can’t feel my feet. Also, if I am looking around while I am walking or even if I am speaking with someone this happens. MS Nurse said that I need to concentrate on walking rather than anything else otherwise the messages get confused.

Do you carry a stick?

Shazzie xx

It happened to me a couple of weeks ago and I too fell on the road. Fortunately not a busy one. My legs gave way and they wouldn’t move forward. I carry a stick but that wouldn’t stop me. MS Nurse put it down to the heat. I have to concentrate on where I’m walking or I lose balance.

Hi Amanda Yep this happened to me on 4 occasions during October last year, one time whilst taking my 3 yr old to the cinema and i pulled her down with me, it was horrible it took me a few minuets before I could stand again no one stopped to help and then I really struggled to walk afterwards. The following day I invested in a stick, but then I went on to experience the worst relapse I’ve ever had and ended up housebound unable to walk for nearly 4 mths, fortunately i have been back to work since feb and after 3 lots of steroids, Physio and a few more meds I can now walk short distances without the stick and am hoping it’ll only be a matter of time before I can walk further! I didn’t listen to my nurse or body and kept pushing on when I should have been resting - take it easy and rest up. I did find the stick very helpful even though I didn’t really want to be seen with one at the age of 29! I did bling it up though with some stick on diamonties! All the best Liana x

WELL DONE YOU LIANA. I blinged my eye patch up with diamonties too!!!

Shazzie xx

Yes started to happen to me in December last year, 1st fall in the middle of the street for no reason. I am better at concentrating now as i know that if i look around or get distracted, such as walking and talking, i will fall over, i think it’s partly due to left leg weakness but dizzyness also. I have to use a stick whenever i’m out of the house now. I’m not dx but this was one of the first symptoms that worried me. x

Thanks everyone. I have a neuro appt at the end of August so will speak to him about it. Just a bit worrying really. And I really hurt too. I really smashed my knees. Perhaps it is time for the stick. Anything to stop that happening again lol xx

I did exactly this at the park the other day when I was with some friends, hurt my hand, jarred my shoulder, bashed up both knees, got some awesome bruises! Worried the hell out of me because the kids were there and it scared me to think what would have happened if our friends hadn’t been. I’ve thought about a stick but as I’ve always been clumsy, even before the MS, I can just see myself falling over it!

Hope you’re recovering OK xxx