I fell for the first time :(


Hope somebody can give me some advice. Mostly struggling with my legs but different symptoms on each side. Issues started with the right one, numbish feeling, pins, needles, pain and something like it’s hard to lift it from the heel. As your foot supposed to ‘roll’ on the ground when walking it’s not rolling so i have to pay attention and force that movement but not easy to do.

Then a few weeks ago i started getting weird sensation on my left lower leg. It used to be symptom-free before. It’s like hot water running down and happens about 10 times everyday. Also sometimes my left knee just bends when standing/walking so have to keep myself standing with the right one.

And today for the first time i fell down the stairs. Left knee let go and couldn’t keep balance. Does anybody know what this and the new hot water sensation mean in terms of disease activity? A relapse? I didn’t have any weird sensation on that side before. Sorry if it’s a stupid question. Just feeling upset. I’m in limbo by the way and i do have the rest of my symptoms everyday but intensity varies. So i do have better days but even those ones are not that good.

I have fallen a few times - mainly in the street. Once I measured the length of myself on the ground in a heartbeat in a drive any footballer would be proud of. Fortunately I have not hurt myself too seriously.

It is a shock when it happens and you second guess yourself for ages. I also have the knee bend problem. You can be standing still and your knee just gives way. I will also find the same thing with ankles so now I usually wear flatter shoes now.

As far as disease activity - I don’t know. Mine is a very mild version and I don’t need any medication so I don’t think its a terrible sign. But if it happens more and more often then it might be something to raise with your nurse or doctor.

Sorry I can’t help more but I just wanted to say you are not alone with these symptoms and they are very scary.

Take care hun

Hugs, JBK xx

I am sorry that you hit the deck. It is a horrid thing to happen; even if a person hasn’t done him/herself any strategic damage, it is still a shock to the system. No wonder you are feeling bruised, in more ways than one.

It does sound as though whatever is the matter with you might be at work here, and I guess that all you can do is to feed that into the process of finding out what is the matter. All information is useful to the people who are trying to spot patterns and put the pieces of the jigsaw together to figure out what is wrong. So I would suggest making sure that your specialist (or at least your GP) knows what is happening, so it is documented.


Thank you JBK and Alison for replying. True, i’m a bit shaken now that’s why came here for advice but i know people can only guess. I will see neuro soon and definitely will let him know what’s been happening.

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I have had the very same feelings as yourself although as yet not fallen. I have had the cold/chest infection and i did ring my ms nurse to tell her of these symptoms and she said its the virus that is causing them but just to keep an eye on things. I,like you are scared witless but all the lovely people on here are great with advice. Let your gp/nurse know and see what they think. My left side from under Ribs to just above bikini line is numb and the very same feelings as yourself with the legs. Take care and I know I am good at saying it but not actually doing it TRY NOT TO WORRY XXXXX


I have a problem with one of my knees giving way, which has resulted in falls. I do have a type of arthritis besides MS, so other conditions have to be considered.

I use a walking stick for balance issues-do you? your gp can refer you to an occupational therapist or you can just go to your local disability shop and buy one. They will measure you for the correct size…there are fold up ones and lovely colours. Mine is abstract purple

Good luck xx

it will have knocked your confidence with stairs.

take care and if all else fails. shuffle on your bum to get up/down stairs.

occupational therapist can help, maybe by arranging for an extra handrail to be fitted.

i’m lucky because the lady who lived here before us had a stroke so had an extra one fitted.

carole xx

Haven’t needed a walking stick yet. Been having the knee problem only for a few weeks and not too often. My balancing issues are relatively minor, today the problem was with my knee primarily and that I was in the middle of putting my right foot down. But if happens again, I will consider getting one. Safety first!

Thanks everyone for the advice! xx

Sorry in advance if what I’m about to say is really obvious, but, were you holding the handrail? My husband has an obsession about it, because of the amount of people who’ve fallen on the stairs at his workplace. I used to scoff but as my walking has got worse, I’ve started to be really careful about holding the rail and there have been a few times when it’s stopped me from gong over.

I fell over the other day ( outside ) and have had a spell of falling over before. I never know quite what happens, possibly a trip over something tiny because my foot didn’t lift properly??? I have a snazzy purple folding stick like you, Blossom, but I have to say it made no difference when I fell - I just went full length!

No Tinga.

You’re right. I was just thinking more about helping with poor balance in general, which is why I use one. I still have to link on to my husband on my good side.

I wish I had bought some snazzy ‘smart crutches’ when they were on free delivery but then I don’t really go anywhere on my own, so felt they were a waste of money for me. hey ho

Ps; I hope you didn’t hurt yourself too badly


I was but guess not strong enough! Also maybe it happened too quick and didn’t have time to react. I find my reaction time to physical things is slower than used to be. For example, if dropped smth i used to able catch it in the air before it hit the ground! Now forget it, can’t do it. Also i’m clumsier, i broke to dishes recently. One i simply dropped for reasons unknown, the other one i knocked down with my hip from the edge of the table cause i lost my balance a little as walked by.

I’ve fell a few times, fell on Saturday and busted my watch strap (Rotary £30 to fix it) hurt my pride and my pocket…

I’m sorry you fell! My phone was in my little jacket’s pocket but unzipped, luckily it didn’t fall out. Guess it would have broken and then i’d be in big trouble!

There are advantages to being fairly well padded and you find it out when you fall over :))

TBH Blossom, I use my stick more because of dizziness and balance issues too.

I have a catheter fitted and often after emptying my bag have to check I turned the tap off after emptying because my leg feels hot and wet. I have always turned it off so no warm pee down my leg just the sensation of it, the body and the mind play awful tricks. As for falling I am now in my wheelchair most of the time because if I do fall I can no longer get back up, but I have had some spectacular tumbles and could write a book on the art of falling. My leg gives way at times when I use the zimmer frame but of late I haven’t collapsed. I doubt me telling you this has helped you any but I hope your OK and I do suggest using a stick or crutches if you start falling or stumbling.