I just fell

Only down a few stairs, sprained ankle & caught my hand. I can’t remember what happened but didn’t bang my head, it’s really odd. I think I remember my left leg just not being there but I’m not sure.

Bit freaked out, as I’m getting clumsier but never lose memory of walking into stuff.

Hi Mrs C, thats a tough gig.Is there anybody with you,or can you get somebody to call round to administer tea and sympathy?I do think that if possible you should visit the NHS,after all,they work for you.The lose of memory and the ‘break dancing’ might be MS,but…

Hope you get over this small blip,and enjoy the weekend,

Steve xx

I don’t feel too bad, but I thought I’d fall down them all before landing. I’m on ibuprofen anyway for ear pain from an infection,so any pain/swelling should be minimal. Love the ‘break dancing’ term, haha. I’ve always wanted to be able to dance. Not down the stairs like, but I guess I could take it as a win :wink:

I’m ready for a great weekend, working tomorrow and resting sunday.

Do you have much planned?x

Are you ok Mrs C.

I have had that before. I broke my foot when I fell recently. But I did remember my leg just giving way when I put my foot down.

You take it really steady now. Rest up lots for the rest of the day.

Shazzie xx

Yeah I’m OK :slight_smile: I’m confused as to whether this is a pseudo relapse caused by infection, as old symptoms have worsened, or an actual relapse as they started before my fever.

Hello C,not much really,but I’ll have a butchers to see wot yur do in. If you’re not…lets say 95% can you have a duvet day tomorrow.That ear infection could have caused a loss of balance,and are there are any stairs in work that have to be negotiated. Would you have the option of a dance partner if required.You’ll either be on Your Tube or Strictly

Laters S x

I’m doing a cake war photoshoot. A couple I know are having their photos done, throwing cake at each other. It’s insanely popular in my town, with kids and adults.

I’m working tomorrow afternoon but there’s a lift, and I can rest til 90mins or so beforehand as my studio is 10mins away :slight_smile:

OK C,we’ll let you do that…I like cake

S x

Haha, thanks for permission :slight_smile:

It’s therapeutic throwing something at the person you live with, with no consequences. So I’m told, my husband won’t let me throw any cake at him.

Go for it :slight_smile: proper love doing cake shoots, they’re so much fun. I feel pretty crap, but gonna take the dog out for a quick walk as fresh air helps x

I’m not sure we ever learn. The brain fog means we forget how tiring things are. I am planning a steadier few weeks though, I do know how infections hang around x

At last there might be a place to use my cakes. I’m not much of a cook so throwing them at someone might be the perfect answer…as long as they are wearing a helmet Haha!

I fell in the garden yesterday and have a great multicoloured bruise on my butt! I think getting tired might be a problem when it comes to being clumsy. An ear infection might just be the thing to muddle you. Hope you are feeling better today. Take care !

Ouch are you ok? I did similar early this year but full flight. Not sure what happened except went to step off top step and it seemed like top of my toe dragged on the step and sent me flying ended up with torn ligaments and scrapes. Rest up and get someone to look after you Axx

I feel like the infection is subsiding. Not been half as warm since around 2pm. It’s leaving some fatigue behind but I expect to feel crap for a few weeks after any infection these days. Hubby cooked tea despite having worked 12 hours today. He’s in the good books x

I’ve actually managed to sort of jar my feet a couple of times now simply slipping whilst walking down stairs and managing to stay upright…both times I’ve had that breathless relief that I didn’t fall mixed with a f***, my feet hurt!!!

The catch you off your guard moments like that, coupled with the occasional refusal of your leg to lock out and things does make trip hazards/stair falls/banging into doors etc. are beginning to seem very normal!

I almost headbutted a lavatory last week but somehow managed to keep my balance thankfully!

Glad you’re ok but these are scary moments

Sonia x