Hello again!

Hi everyone, I hope you are all ok. I used to come here regularly under lph48, but that account doesn’t work anymore. I haven’t had the chance to do anything about it cos I’ve been in hospital then rehab. I have had a bad fall giving me a very badly broken leg. This was due to my bad balance thanks to MS. As I fell,I twisted somehow, and endes up with a spiral fracture, with 3 breaks. Ive had to have pins, plets and screws put in to rebuild my leg! It was nasty!! I signed myself out of rehab as I had been away from home for 7 weeks, and felt that I would be better off sitting on my bum at home rather than in the hospital. Sometimes it is hard but I feel better in myself as I was getting very down and kept bursting into tears! But the neuro rehabilitation where I was run a 2 week session on what they call a rolling program twice a year, which I think would help stop me getting in the bad way I was. Has anyone here beenon anything like this?

Lynne x

Hi Lynne, welcome back and yes, I do remember your old tag.

Not been on the course you mention. Just wanted to wish you well.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, I’m sure there will be some others here who will remember me too

Hope your MS is behaving itself (as well as it can be!)

Lynne x

Hi Lynne,

I’m sorry to say I don’t know you but wanted to say hi and welcome back. It sounds as though you’ve had a rough time of late. I do hope you feel loads better very soon.