so embrassed

Hi all

Had a funny turn in work i was walking like i was drunk and fell over, and work phoned a ambulance, how embrassing, i dischargered myself from hospital because i was just left there for hours surrounded by other patients pissed and off there heads on drugs and it was just making me feel stressed and aniouxs, still feel bit wobbly today and really tired, waiting for my ms nurse to get back to me.

Well am quite newly diagnosed, what do you think the ms is to blame for this latest blip? ivg got tingling in my right arm and leg too.

Hi Suze, oh thats awful for you. The hospital probably wouldnt have known what to do with you. So as long as there were no bones to splint, nor cuts to stitch, you most likely did the right thing.

And yes, sounds like it was the MS to blame.Hope you feel better now.

luv Pollx

Lots of hugs really feeling for you. Xxxxxxxxxx