Just fallen down the stairs :(

My leg just went from under me, it’s my weak side. I’ve really hurt my foot, knee and arm on my “good” side so am hobbling round like an old woman.
All I can say is ouch ouch ouch!

I didnt say ouch ouch ouch when my legs gave way in the kitchen last night I use some very choice words that I can NOT post on the forum or I would be banned.

I thought I had broken my arm.

Are you ok or do you think you need to see a doctor?


Alright I’m lying I didn’t say ouch either lol. I’m fine just very sore am going to the doctors tomorrow anyway about something else so will mention it.
Hope you are feeling ok today well apart from being totally hyper lol

I thought I broke my right arm last night I was breaking my heart amongst the swearing,see you are a potty mouth at times like us all.

OMG I am hyper in the head but the body is saying hell girl get ya self to bed.

Well make sure you emntion it to the doctor so he can check everything is ok.


hi Nikki,
must be catching, I feel down the stairs the other day! Hurt my right wrist too!

I have foot foot drop drop on the left side, so that don’t help, also clonus right side so when comming downstairs just a bl**dy mess!

By the way I live in a 3 story house! Joy! And my bedroom at the top…needless to say sleep in a lower room when I can!

All the best


Charlie my language is foul at times I definitely couldn’t put on here what I’m thinking sometimes lol. Now calm yourself down or you won’t be able to go out in that chair tomorrow!
Polly that must be a real struggle having to go to the top of the house. My son is at the top of ours and I haven’t been up there recently so I dread to think what it looks like.
Maybe we should all move into a bungalow together!!

Awww. Hope you ok. Bet you will have some major bruises tomo xx

OMG I cannot  stop thinking BEEP yes Beep YES...


Charlie you do make me laugh x
Pm64 yes I have some spectacular bruises this morning and ache more than normal. Still at least I got downstairs quicker than normal!

Hope your ok x