Hi Everyone,

My O/H had just gone out and I was sitting on a chair and fell off it. I am surprised at how much it has shaken me up, my arm hurts and my head is killing me, even though I didn’t hit it. The chair was up ended. All I ask is for someone to understand how I feel. I feel stupid and shaky, Help please.



You are not stupid you are in shock.

The main thing is are you still on the floor or can you get up?

Do you need medical help?



It sounds like you are a little in shock.

Sit down and calm yourself. Deep breaths my love.

Are you hurt anywhere?

Do you need help?


Hi Pip,

No I’m not still on the floor but I did sit there for some time shaking like a leaf, I don’t think I need medical help, I just needed to speak to someone, I haven’t fallen in ages so it was such a shock. Thank you for your concern I appreciate it very, very much.



Is there any one you call call to come and make you a cup of tea and check you over,or at least to sit with you?

I’m sorry I cant remember how mobile you are,its just things like when you need to loo etc will you be ok going by yourself?


Has your oh got a mobile so you can call him to come back?

Is there anyone that can sit with you until you feel a little more stable?

I’m worried about you Janet.


Thanks Treek and Pip my son has just arrived home and is now making me a cup of coffee so that should help calm me down.



Sorry Pip - our posts are crossing so we are saying the same thing. xxx

I hope you 're feeling better Janet. It is an awful shock when we fall over. Please sit calmly and take some deep breaths. Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Good good I will leave you in his capable hands.

Take care


Hi Pip, Not as mobile as I’d like as I have SPMS, usually grab hold of things as I go through the house.



Thanks everyone, your’re all so caring it makes me want to cry.



Oh Janet, Janet, Janet! Please do not feel stupid…at all! This has happened and you are bound to feel shaky.

Whenever I have a fall or a near miss, I studied what happened, how it happened and how can I avoid doing it again!

When my hubby has to go out without me…even into the garden or garage, he tells me where hell be and makes sure his phone is on. Ive taught our little dog, how to bark in a way he knows I need him.

I dont feel I need one of those alarms yet tho`.

Just study how you are going to do things, before you do them.

Please keep safe and I do hope your head feels better very soon.

much luv Polly xx

(((HUGS))) Janet

Take it easy.


Thanks Poll, wise words, and have taken note. You’re a pearl.



Come to think of it you are all diamonds, thank goodness you are all here.

Love Janet


We truly all need each other here.

lots of extra special love, Polly xx

I had a nasty fall last week but apart from having the wind whoosh out of me I didn’t really hurt myself. BUT I lay on the floor and wept. (I’m not a cry-er so this was especially ridiculous) it’s the shock and the vulnerability that turns you into a Victorian heroine.

Hope you feel stronger soon.


(((((HUGS))))) Janet.

I hope you’re feeling better now.

Karen x

Hope your feeling better now Janet, pleased to gear you haven’t hurt yourself but I know the shock is a brute! Chis x