Just had a fall! Ouch!

Hiya Peeps,

I hope you all are hunky dorey and fighting fit! Just had a hec of a shock, I was walking to the kitchen and all of a sudden my balance went a bit haywire, yet again, and felt myself falling backwards. Now anyone else would have bent their knees, put an arm out or put a foot back to stop themselves falling but me, no, I just went down like a plank of wood, totally stiff! Hit my head, bum, winded myself and almost landed on the cat. Thank god I was in the house and landed on carpet. At the time I was thinking “Move yer feet girl, roll and cover yer head, or something!” but no, nothing happened, back I went, “TIMBER”! I’ve fallen a few times come to think of it, and all of them were like this. Has anyone else fallen like this, all stiff?

yikes, hope you are ok and not to bruised.

Crikey Val! Hope things are a bit better for you at the mo! I’m OK apart from a bruised bum, it’s just got me very nervous now cos I live in a 1st floor flat and my kitchen is opposite the stairs to the front door, if I were to fall backwards down them …! Jeez!

I won’t be going anywhere today, I’ve got plenty of T-bags and milk in, that’s all I need to keep me going. LOL

Hi, Can totally sympathise. A few weeks ago, I had 2 falls on the same day. First one was while I was trying to pick my was through a load of clutter in the hall. Fell backwards and cracked my head on the corner of the wall by the front door. Second time was in the lounge, stood up and fell backwards and cracked my head on the coffee table. Luckily, I could reach my iPad and I emailed my husband who came home from work early. Was the reason why I’ve bought a cheap power chair, so that I can get around downstairs safer. The last thing I want is for my boys to get home from school and find me laying in a pool of blood. Take it easy today. Heather

Ouch! Last time I fell I fell like a plank of wood too. I could cope with the pain, but it really knocked my confidence and made me tip toe around the house for a few weeks after. Maybe it’s a good thing that MS causes a bad memory, as I have forgotten most of the things about it. I hope that you soon feel better.

take care,


Cor blimey Heather! I think we all should get some stabilisers! Ha ha.


Hope your ok after your fall?..it shakes you up doesn’t it.

Last time I fell it was outside but a few months ago now, as I very rarely go out on my own now.

When I fall though I go at it in a sort of forward drunken wobble, arms out, trying to stop myself from falling. Then down I go like a sack of spuds, very embarrassing

It does leave you feeling stiff. Take it easy, have chocolate…that’s what I do xxx

Hi everyone, I’m new to this. I’ve just been diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS and have had a few falls over the last few weeks so can totally sympathise. I have weak legs so tend to be standing one minute then just crumple and fall to the floor like a sack of spuds. I have foot drop so am always tripping and falling in the street which is so embarrassing. I haven’t seen MS nurse yet so don’t know what medication if any I could take.

Take care