Fell Again!

Hi everyone, last night I had another fall. I couldn’t get up my three stairs and thought that it I sit on my backside and move up one step at a time that would be OK. Very wrong, I went to sit on the first step and legs gave way completely and right side went completely rigid, couldn’t move and OH had to literally drag me to the bed. Luckily no pain just completely rigid like a plank of wood. This has been going on for a while now and I’m beginning to think that this will never get any better. Seriously on the verge of giving up and retiring to bed forever! Linda x

Hi Linda, oh bummin ummer, so sorry to hear about your fall.

my legs do the straight out/stiff as boards thing. Do you take baclofen, as it does help with spasticity.

Dont give up hun…have a rest and try again.

I am a full time wheeler, so dont get stiff with walking, but it happens when my carer is turning me over. we just wait a little while and it goes off, often it accompanies the shudders.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, Yes I’m on Bacolfen but its not doing what it’s supposed to anymore (18 months in on a fairly high dose). This situation is getting to me and is completely stupid. Got an MS Nurse appointment in a couple of weeks so will see what she has to say. Can see her trying another drug, Oh yipee! Can’t even do any neurophysio exercises to try and make it better. If anything it seems to make matters worse. Linda x