I fell today...mortified

Had appt at docs…as I went up to the receptionist to give my name I tripped on nothing,went completely down bringing a chair with me,skinned my knee, hurt my pride alot and helped to feet by stranger…feel totally drained by it but am totally grand physically…mortified!

I HATE, HATE, HATE falling - it is a completely horrible thing to happen.

Try to be gentle with yourself and have a nice relaxing evening - I hope you get a good night’s sleep to steady the ship, and that you feel a bit less bruised, literally and metaphorically, tomorrow.



I know how you feel - it’s embarrassing when you fall on a perfectly flat surface that is devoid of any trip hazards. On the upside though, people were there to help - on the downside, there were witnesses!!

Hope you feel better

L x

Hi Rose I know how you feel. I recently fell on the way into my son’s academic review with his tutor. Not once but twice! I wasn’t physically hurt but very bruised pride and huge embarrassment! Hope you recover quickly, Teresa xx

Isn’t it awful.

I fell twice in September.

Ankle just went! A few minutes later coming down some stone steps. Went again. Like you a total stranger had to help me up off the ground Could not get myself up on my own. Legs just dead.

Now having physio for a torn ligament for the ankle!! Still very painful and swollen.

Great in’it. Never mind, we just have to try and larf it off.

C x

I don’t like falling but I don’t hate it. I fell last week on the way back from work, just outside the tube station (I live in London). I must have tripped on those wavy pavement slabs that are meant to stop people from slipping but they are a nuisance when you have a foot drop.

So I fell but as there were lots of people, nobody took much notice. Deeply down I’m always pleasantly surprised and touched when people come to your rescue. A man next to me who was handing out some papers hurried to help me. I dusted myself very quickly, managed a smile, said ‘thank you’ and moved on feeling a warm glow inside at people’s generosity. This is one of the things I really like about London, on the face value people don’t pay any attention to other people but if anybody needs something people always respond, found that on many occasions.

And I don’t even have a bruised knee!

Best wishes.

When I fall, which has not been for a while, touch wood, and there is someone around, I normally say “what a stupid place to put a step“, even though the ground/floor is perfectly level.

By the time the other person has looked around for this invisible step, I am up and we can both have a laugh, even though it may be hurting like hell, but a least I have covered up my embarrassment I hope.

Take care, mind those invisible dam steps.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.

Oh dear, poor you! I used to fall several times a day, before I became a full time wheelie. Then transfers were dodgy, until I got my ceiling hoist installed.

I remember saying to my daughter about a fall, that I hadnt had a fall for a while. She replied by saying, Oh, were you just seeing if you could still do it?` Charming!

Do take care.

luv Pollx