falling humiliation

Ive had an overnight hopsital stay after my legs decided to stop holding me up.I knocked one of my front teeth out really cracked my head and just feel sore and stupid.

So its the emergancy dentist for me this afternoon thank goodness baby is ok but t looks like I am wheelchair bound at least until this pregnancy is over .The thought it might be forever is terrifying me until this I was pottering around at home but thats where I fell and its the second time in three days I just dont seem to have control of my legs. They feel fine and then suddenly just turn to jelly dumping me in the floor.

Feeling totally rubbish and hating my toothless grin

Ellie x

Oh Ellie. Sounds horrible, but like you say, thank goodness baby is ok.

Same thing happened to me. My legs gave way as I was trying to get out of the bath and I smacked my side as I fell and bruised all of my right side. I didn’t end up in hospital though. I felt as if my dignity had gone right out the window. Lead on the floor waiting for my hubby to pick me up.

You must feek awful having knocked one of your teeth out. Glad you will be getting it sorted this afternoon though. Hope the appt goes well and that you will be feeling less fragile soon.

Shazzie xxxx

Oh Ellie, how awful for you glad to hear bump is ok. How far gone are you? Hopefully not too much longer to wait? Your not stupid, you have a lit to cope with-pregnancy is tough when your in full health. Maybe see how things go when bump is here, might be the weight causing the weakness, time will tell. Hope things improve for you soon, try and rest as much as you can, easier said! Hope the dentist can help you fix your smile, Will be thinking of you. Laura x


I just feel humiliated and dont really want to talk to anyone right now I just want to cry .I am 26 weeks and due early in August so not that massive.I probably feel worse now than at any point since I was diagnosed its just been an awful few days.My husband is totally my rock but I cant even bare for him to see me like this I feel so unattractive and just dreadful. My best friend came to visit last night and I sent her away its curl up in a corner time big style


Hormones can make everything so much hard work. I’m sure your husband does not see you the way you are seeing yourself. Maybe just let it all out and then you might feel lighter for it? Maybe a bit of counselling could prove helpful when your feeling ready? You can always talk to us if you can’t face your friends right now. Things will get better. Big hugs to you and bump. Laura x

Hi Ellie, I too am concerned for you and your precious bump.

Perhaps it is the added weight and shift off centre that`s caused the falls.

Dont take anymore risks and get all the help you can.

Hope the dentist can fix your damaged tooth.

lots of luv,


Thanks Laura

Its mad how a missing tooth is worse than any of the other humilations that ms deals us.I need to get a grip again

ellie x

To be fair I think if I lost a tooth I would be pretty angry and upset too, so don’t be so hard on yourself. Hope the dentist can help fix things and the grip will come when things are not so raw. Laura X

You poor thing. I remember falling over when pregnant (not diagnosed until 8 months later) - it is horrible and scary. The main thing is that the baby is fine and I’m sure the dentist will be able to fix your tooth so no-one can see anything has happened. Remember your hormones are all over the place and you probably are reacting more strongly to what’s happened than you normally would. Go easy on yourself.

Lots of sympathy and hugs.

Aah hun, hormones are awful…fingers crossed everything will Improve. Pregnancy does impact on the body m.s or no m.s, it send us off balance anyway. I had symptoms in pregnancy which was weird as I had been relatively symptom free other than sensations i have everyday anyway and have since or before diagnosis, prior to pregnancy so contradicted what people had told me about symptoms improving in pregnancy. After I had my son the numbness in my arm was still there although I’d kina got used to it but it did clear within a few months. And open up to your hubbie too hunni, it’ll do you good! Big hugs ((((())))) and a few kisses xxxxxx