Doctors recommended using a wheelchair

My balance is dreadful and its not helped by being 6mths pregnant so very front heavy I just topple over ususally very gently and I dont really go out much on my own so theres usually someone there to catch me or pick me up.

I went to see my GP today and he has said I should really have a wheelchair and help with my other child as my balance is putting us all at risk so hes sending someone round to arrange a care programme and assess us.I suddenly feel very disabled and dont know wether to be grateful or cry.

Ellie xx

It’s nice to hear of someone with a GP who cares and will do something to help. It would be awful if you fell hard or landed on something and injured yourself and your bump. You must look at this as a positive thing to help you through the next few months and make the most of the chance to put your feet up - you will have enough dashing about to do once the baby is here.

Hi Ellie, oh Love, I do feel for you.

Being preggy should be an enjoyable and exciting time…not a time to feel disabled, as you say.

I do think it is a good thing that your doc has set this up for you.

When the new bab arrives, you`ll be glad of the help, as well as now.

Look after yourself and try to find some me time, if you can hun.

luv Pollx

Thanks both

I had the dreaded visit today and to be honest its fantastic someones going to come in twice a day to help me with my little one I have basicaly got four hours a day of care that I an use as I wish.

Its making me admit that I do have a problem but in lots of ways its enabling Ive been measured for a chair and that should be delivered before the weekend so we will be able to go out more confidently as a family which will be great.

I just need to get my head round it all everything is positive and it will be better its just that it feels like giving in

Ellie xxx