Wheelchair arrived - not sure how I feel!

We went to the wheelchair assessment place last Tuesday after I accepted I needed a wheelchair to use on family days out and holidays. I know I am holding the rest of the family back when planning days out etc as I get tired so quickly and can only walk a short distance before having to sit down. A wheelchair seemed the sensible next step. I came home this morning (tired ad thirsty and ratty from the heat) to find it sitting in the middle of the kitchen. I don’t know how I feel at the moment, I know it will help but my mind doesn’t feel ready for this next step ! (if you know what I mean) Probably after the first outing I’ll wonder what I was worrying about - anyone got any tips? Sorry for the moan x Llbillx

Hey Lib I got donated a wheelchair yesterday and I cried with happyness.Ive been so restricted and aint been out in weeks.

My god its scairy out there,I went over drop kerbs and ohh gosh the chair went crazy so no I realised to go very slow after I ended up wheelspinning down a steep driveway.

Have a pratice and go on short easy journeys untill you get used to it,go on have a go you will feel so much better with the chair and not so tired,I been out twice today and my driving is absolutley terrible…

It will make your life so much easier I promise.

Start with a very slow speed until you get used to it.Use the bit between your thumb and finger to control it NOT your fingers.

Going up hill uses more battery life.

Do not go out in the rain unless you have a rain cover.

Do NOT hang bags with valuables in on the back.

I am sure others will input but start slowly and short journeys.


PS:Go on have some freedom and fun.x

Thanks Charlie, this wheelchair is a manual one so I will have to be nice to hubby and eldest daughter or they might push me over a cliff! I know it will make life easier, just got to get used to it! Lilbill x

Oh right,best allow hubby some loving then or you will never be out and about giggling.

Look you can walk if you feel ok but take the chair as it can become a good large shopping trolly.

I think my family tried to push me off the cliff to many times now I do NOT trust them.

Well do not be afraid,you will find you have more energy because you do not have to walk so much.Again watch drop curbs as it feels horrid when you go down them,dont sit stiff because your a little frightened.Just relax and go on short journenys around your area until you get used to it.

Do NOT shout at the husband while he is pushing you or you will go over a cliff.

Do not be sarcastic to the husband or you will go over a cliff.

Please remember he is trying to be helpfull and if he gets miffed then push him over a cliff.

Ok so some people will stare at you but they do that anyways.

Give them a crooked smile and then they go ahh your good looking after your wife that will make the husband smile but do NOT show him you were acting the fool…


I have just got my first manual wheel chair. I am really pleased as I can now go out for days out with my kids without being tired after 5 mins walking. It’s justin time as I can take it in the morning to see the olympic torch come through our village…I will get to the front of any crowds like that! yay!

I didn’t want an electric one yet…I still need the excersise! lol
Take it as a gift for when you need it.
Isobel xx

Hi, that`s going to make such a difference to your life…honest!

I`ve been a full timer for 8 years now and was a part timer a few years before that.

At first, when I hired a manual chair, I didn`t tell anyone i was getting it. it was in the back of my car. When I got home, hubby saw it, looked at me and i looked at him. Nowt said. But the look on his face said it all. i was silly and the chair never got used. I put his feelings before mine.

But it was MY legs that suffered. It was ME who stumbled and fell. It was ME who felt so totally exhausted on our trips out.

I decided i was going to do what felt right for ME…no-one else. we all got used to it eventually.

Youve done the right thing, love. Once you get used to it, youll really feel the benefit and begin to enjoy family outings again.

Go girl!

much luv, Pollxx

I’m finding this obsession with cliffs a little worrying Charlie!

Prob best to stay away from the seaside to start with. I’ve had my wheelchair for a couple of months now - I use it if I need to walk more than about 50 yards. I’d prefer to be seen in a wheelchair than in plasters from falling. I don’t like having to use sticks (2 just now if I walk) or the chair, so I decorate them, currently battery powered fairy lights are in use, but I have a heap of silk flowers and ribbons for other moods/co-ordinating with outfits. After much soul searching, I’ve worked out that this is a control thing - if I decorate the aids, then I’m in charge.

Things I have learned that I didn’t expect. Self-propelling a wheelchair is much harder work than you realise, I’m pretty sure that soon I’m going to have shoulders like an Olympic swimmer… I’m right handed, and the MS has weakened my left side, so I veer to the left when trying to go in a straight line. People will try to be helpful and end up being patronising, practice your thankful face, you’re going to need it. Do not let drunk friends push you in your wheelchair, it’s quite alarming to have to shout warnings to unsuspecting people in front of you because your friends have decided that running with the wheelchair is the way to go.

Good luck with it, it’s really not as bad as you think

Luisa x

Hi and thanks for all the kind and helpful replies. We’ll avoid all cliffs at present and especially if we’re arguing! My left side is my weak side as well so it looks like I could be going round in circles as well Luisa! We were the other way round Pol, it was my husband who persuaded me to get a wheelchair, I kept putting it off. I am sure I will get used to it, at the moment the kids are pushing each other round the house, having a great time! It’s just me that has a problem with it! Thanks again, Lilbill x

If I made you smile today I have done my job.

So ladies avoid cliffs,beaches and multistory car parks please.

I think your family members maybe as crazy as my family.

Do NOT allow heavy bags on the back that maybe a ploy to tip you over and cause some damage.

Do not allow any sharp objects near you as well.OMG girls I fear for you all.

Just messing with you.