My wheelchair arrived!

Lovely. Brand new. Green… but looks black in certain lights. Very comfy. Came with a cushion.

Had a go down in our communal lounge. Very easy to self-propel and turns on a sixpence. Although my arms are feeling very weak now so have no doubt overdone it… as per usual.

The other tricky bit is going through doorways as I can see it would be very easy to squash your fingers… And was very careful around our cat as could see myself running over the poor thing’s tail.

You’ve got to love the NHS!

Tuesday will be first time out on it… to hospital appoinment. (but taking a carer as bit nervous doing it on my own!).

Pat x

Good luck Pat and happy motoring.

Hope it makes a big difference to you getting around.

OH dear cats taills I had never thought of that, My daughter has just kept two kittens from her cats litter. I wont be popular if I turn them into Manx cats willl I?. I am glad it has arrived your mean green wheelchair machine.Go carefull you will make yourself tired. I gotta go my wife has just got back from shopping with an Americano Coffee from the drive through Costa Coffee. I am a spoiled little boy…

Oh great Pat - glad it works so well. Sounds like it’s going to be a godsend! Nice to know that’s it’s really comfy too! Teresa xx

Hi Pat, I’m so pleased for you, I hope with the chair and your taxis you can have some great trips. Mine self propels quite easily to but don’t be tempted to go too far, I get pains in my arms the next day if I do ( hope this doesn’t happen to you too), the first time I overdid it I went for it big time…the next day I could have happily chopped off my own arms! So please, take care. Best wishes, Nina x

Hope you like it Pat, I’m having a wheel chair assessment in june so mine will be on it’s way shortly.


Thanks gang!

Tired today but luckily arms don’t hurt.

Tim… I thought the assessment would be like a benefits thing… but honestly they couldn’t have been nicer! Immediatly offered me a power chair… had to explain that with my mob scooter for local trips, I only needed a manual.

Good luck with yours,

Pat x

Teresa… sorry I didn’t answer your question in another post about how I feel using wheelchair.

Well have to admit it does feel strange and I took a long time getting round to it. But all in all I’m thinking of it as just another aid to make life easier.

I think I’m in a bit of denial about my walking. I honestly thought the wheelchair assessment would be difficult and I’d have a job getting them to give me one… this is because in my head my walking is still good… so was a bit shocked when they offered me one as soon as I walked in the room. And not one single person has said “Do you really need one?” So yes I guess it is time that I had one.

I am older than you hon so maybe that makes a difference too. But I suppose the bottom line is thinking that if I’m going to get around I need all the help I can get!

I think the big difference between a scooter and a manual wheelchair is on scooter YOU are in control… as for much of the time in manual wheelchair you are being pushed… that is a difference esp when you are independent minded person.

I wonder hon if you have considered power chair? They YOU are in control… or scooter (sorry can’t remember if you have one or not)?

Anyway as I haven’t even been outside on it yet this is slightly jumping the gun!

Pat x

Hi Pat, Thanks for answering - I don’t have any sort of chair yet but the idea is lodged in my mind. Really struggling with my legs - my neurophysio says I look better on crutches rather than a stick now, so I’ve just progressed to those. I’m like an ancient old woman when I use my stick. People keep saying things like ‘use it or lose it’ except that, the more I use my legs, the worse they feel! Just walking into the next room seems really hard! All these things will happen I suppose but I’m not ready to go down the w/c route yet. A power chair may be a consideration eventually but that’s also going to be costly, isn’t it? Anyway, all things to chew over, I guess! Teresa xx

hi Pat Pleased you have got wheelchair sorted. I use a scooter indoors but have my wheelchair ( royal blue) although the green sounds very nice for trips to pubs, shops etc. If I go to large shopping area of course. I prefer the scooter . It is hard work self propelling and certainly couldn’t go far without help!!! Do take care and hope the sun is shining on you at the moment?? Linda x

Hi Pat, glad to hear you are happy with your new set of wheels!

The best thing I like about my Wheelie Wonka, is that when going to a restaurant i can get closer to the table than when in my scooter. same in other places too.

Afraid my trustee Sovereign Shoprider hasnt been out of the shed for going on a year.

he will feel unloved.

luv Polllx

Thanks all.

My next job is to get my cleaner on Thursday to move wardrobe and create a bit of space for wheelchair and walker! Hard to get it all neatly put away in 1-bed flat. But hey ho… Lucky to have my nice little flat and with a bit of creative thinking it will all fit in.

Teresa… it won’t cost you anything! Get it on the NHS… when you are ready of course hon. GP referred me and they offered me a power chair as soon as I walked in (well… ok… as soon as I hobbled in).

They said as soon as I feel ready for a power chair I just have to phone them… won’t need to go back to GP.

I’m having a nice quiet day today as had hug earlier & can still feel it a bit and that’s always a warning sign for me. Any excitement at all and that’s me laid up for a few days!!!

Poll your poor scooter must feel neglected! But I really understand if it’s hard to transfer from scooter, a power chair must be a real bonus.

Have a nice Saturday evening folk,

Pat x

Hi Pat

So glad you are pleased with your new green “set of wheels” and just

think of it as an aide to make life easier. I am sure you will find it a huge


Have wheels…will travel.

Pam x

hi everyone . i am afraid i need some help. how do you get a wheelchair assessment? can you get them on the nhs? is it means tested? sorry but i am hopeless . i was just going to go out and buy one.

Hi Mr Bardsley… was in the same boat couple of months ago…knew nothing!

But now happily I can tell you how to do it. Ask your GP to refer you to your local wheelchair services. You then get an appointment to go along. A physiotherapist assesses you (which with me was nothing more than watching me walk in the room). They then say if you can have one… my manual was delivered 2 days later!!!

The only hold up in the process was after I saw the GP I waited 2 months and then phoned the GP… to be told that although the GP had put ‘patient wants wheelchair’ in notes had neglected to actually refer me!

They then did refer me and I got a letter a few days later.

They are on the NHS… and it is really ‘on loan’. In other words they will maintain it, give it a yearly sevice, come out to you if you have any problems, replace it if need be.

Go and see your GP and get that wheelchair!

Also, as I’m about to advise Amazon Lady, think about getting a scooter first. If your walking is still ok for short distances but you can’t manage shopping etc, a scooter can be a great help. You can park it outside small shops or cafes and is great for carrying shopping on.

Now I don’t think you can get them on the NHS (although I did see one inside wheelchair services so maybe you can? anyone know?). If you are on high mobility DLA you can use that payment to lease one off Motorbility. Also you can often get them second-hand. Let me know if you want more info.

Hope this helps Mr B,

Pat x

Oh thanks Pat - it’ll be good if they do power chairs on the NHS. I’ll be a lot more inclined to get one if I don’t have to shell out an arm and a leg! I may pay tomorrow for a trip out to watch my eldest play cricket today. Had to walk a long way from the car park to the pitch and the wind was freezing! Feel knackered now - don’t know what I’ll be like in the morning! Rest up and stay as well as poss, Teresa xx