I'm getting a powerchair! soooooo happy!

Hiya lovely people, hope you are all as well as can be. I kinda feel guilty about posting this, but i just have to share my good news with you all. I will start from the beginning, i’m 24, and was diagnosed with MS 4 years ago, but have proberbly had it since childhood. I’m not able to get out much, cos i can’t walk very far at all. Well, something AMAZING has happened, my very wonderful friends Jon and Jackie, have decided to spend their inheritence money on getting me a powerchair! I’m so excited and will never be able to thank them enough. I haven’t felt this happy since i was diagnosed. I will have my freedom back, i will be able to take my dog Patch for long walks, go into town, go shopping with friends, meet people for coffee and not have to depend on people to give me lifts to places which are within walking distance. They will never know how much this means to me, they are giving me some of MY LIFE BACK! Love Bex xxx

I am so pleased for you. Never feel guilty about sharing good news.

Think of all the things that will open themselves up to you.

You have some true friends there and seeing you out and about and happy I guess is all the thanks they will need.



I got my powerchair in April this year (thanks to my groaning overdraft) and have posted about it many times sine then. About leaning to use the service bus, about other people’s reactions etc etc. I LOVE MY CHAIR. Without it I would be housebound or reliant on others. Thanks to my chair I am free to go more or less where I want, when I want. You will love yours too. What lovely friends you’ve got.


Oh Bex that is wonderful news!!! Very happy for you. Yes it’s extremely generous of them but I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more than you.

A new chapter in your life hon… … and I have a feeling this will open many doors for you.

Pat x

Oh Bex, What wonderful news. You’ll be able to get out and not be stuck in your flat! What kind friends! I hope that you’ll feel that you have got your life back. It’s lovely to hear good news! Teresa xx

wonderful news!

doesnt it make you feel good to know that these lovely people are your friends?

enjoy your freedom

carole x

I really do have wonderful friends, and they only live down the road and their dog is best friends with my dog. I’m so very lucky. so looking forward to my new found freedom. Will let you all know when i get it xxx

Although I don’t have one myself I would suggest you research it carefully so you know what you need the chair to offer you.

I’m sure other users on here have in hindsight found pitfalls in their purchases that could guide you. When something is new you don’t know what questions you need to ask.

If its so you can dog walk aswell as shop I guess you will benefit from one that copes on grass etc

Happy hunting


Have you considerd a scooter at all, i use both w/c and a scooter, and much prefer my scooter.

Oh that’s great news, wonderful friends.

Enjoy your freedom and independence. my powerchair

is one of my best friends.

Pam x

So glad that things are going your way, about time to. You do really have wonderful friends and will have a new lease of life with the Power chair.




Have you considerd a scooter at all, i use both w/c and a scooter, and much prefer my scooter.

[/quote] I wouldn’t be able to use a scooter safely, as i only have a bit of central vision, and the handles on scooters are right in front, which totally blocks out the little bit of vision i have. This is way i am going for a powerchair and not a scooter. I have a woman coming from a mobility centre coming to assess me on tuesday xxx

We normally say onwards and upwards,but in this case I shall stick with onwards and outwards eh.

What a change in this world of ours to have a meeting to look forwards to.