Huge achievement!

Hi gang, after a fortnight of rubbish legs and fatigue, I just went out with my walker, crossed the road (always makes me nervous as lights change before I’m across), posted some letters and then took a little walk up the street and back!

Wouldn’t sound like much to the general population… but I know you guys will realise how it feels!

Actually even the getting dressed was a big deal.

Knackered now… but hey ho… feeling uplifted by my huge achievement!

Hope everyone is doing ok?

Grey in London and rain forecast later.

Pat xx

Hi Pat

I can totally understand, the last couple of weeks have really made me realise my life just isn’t ‘normal’ anymore. I had a family dinner on Saturday night and it was lovely BUT that’s 2 Saturday’s were I’ve gone out for dinner and only had a single glass of wine, no partying, then spent virtually all day Sunday asleep :frowning:

I had no idea how much planning and preperation was going to be required!

I’m back to workling ‘shifts’ today for the first time in a few months, our current contract means working 5 days in 4 - We’ve planned our shopping to have easy meals when we get home late and as long as no major drama’s happen, I’m crossing finger’s that after a lazy day at home on Monday, I will cope with 4 extended days in the office.

I’m looking forward to just a quick meal, a bit of telly and an early night tonight.

Will you be watching the Great British Bake Off tonight Pat? That’s my planned R&R for after dinner tonight :slight_smile:

Hope you’re getting some nice rest :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Showing off again Pat? I was feellling pleased coz I used my walker to go from wheelchair in hallway to the car. you get thhe trophy and a big WELL DONE

Wow Pat!!!

This surely IS a huge achievment, as you have been using your scooter (and wheelie a bit too).

Those 60 yr old legs have still got somemileage in `em! great legs!

luv Pollx

ps so what are you on and can I have a bit?

Hahahaha thanks guys… but my legs will still get me up and down the corridor here on good days (and we have handrails), so I try to keep them going… they wouldn’t get me as far as the shops (which are really just at the end of the road)… but yes I am lucky to still have a wee bit of mobility!

Sonia… no I don’t watch the bake off show… because if I watch any cooking or baking shows I just start longing for the food and end up eating cereal or bread and jam! I daren’t keep biscuits, cake, crisps or anything like that in the cupboard… they would be eaten up immediatly!

Good luck hon on being back at work… take is as easy as possible.

Pat x

Hi Pat,

Well done you,bet it felt so good,to be able to just do it,after a few weeks of not being able to,i have weeks and months where i can hardly stand up,so know just what you mean.


Well done Pat and thanks for you advice to me earlier.

Moyna xxx

Hello Pat, I will happily crow about a little achievement. It matters-hang the consequences (within reason). Well done, I feel that we should wrestle a certain phrase back from Tesco’s and claim it for ourselves-every little helps. Steve x

Hi Pat; great stuff. And keep on battling those ‘getting dressed’ demons. I sing the Rocky theme tune to myself every time I try and put some socks on.

Dear Pat, you are a star muchM

I was feeling good this morning til I got to work and the engineer was fixing the lift! BUT I climbed the 2 flights of stairs and I still feel not too bad :slight_smile:

Every little win is still a win!

Thanks Pat, I did watch bake-off last night and had a rice pudding so too full to eat anything else after that! I am still on a weight gain mission at the moment so I think that’s ok :wink: Coped OK with the long day yesterday and I’m going to try to stay on topof things today (but I really hope the lift engineer fixes it!)

Sonia xx

Well done Pat, I love to read your posts, you sound so lovely!

The sun has come out here in Cornwall! Briefly I expect, but it’ll do for now!

Huge achievement Pat - well done, hope that feeling of satisfaction hangs around! I’d done a few jobs this morning and was overcome by fatigue at 11 am, so just went out like a light. Next thing I know a man from the water board is drilling a hole in the road! Can’t even get sleep if I need it! Huh! Teresa xx


Well done Pat, I love to read your posts, you sound so lovely!

The sun has come out here in Cornwall! Briefly I expect, but it’ll do for now!

[/quote] She really is! Nina xx

Well done Pat. I’m with you on your comment about something trivial to the general population being a triumph for us. My wonderful OT brought me a bath chair and I had my first (much missed) hot shower in at least 18 months and it gave me a huge amount of pleasure, my quality of life has gone up at least 20%. It’s the small things that give satisfaction.

Take care. Cath xx

Thanks gang.

Cath, I think you make an excellent point… ‘it’s the small things that give satisfaction’.

I think that’s really the secret of learning to live with MS… learning to take satisfaction in the small stuff… little achievements and the small things that offer comfort… and it ties in with ‘mindfulness’ or ‘living in the moment’.

I read a quote somewhere… ‘A happy man is a man who’s happy in his own living-room’. It’s the same thing really… living in the ‘now’ and not waiting and craving for something more.

I’m not saying it’s an easy thing to do… but over time it gets easier.

Thought for the day! (and written in my own living-room!)

Pat x

Hi Pat and everyone,

Well done you, I am so pleased for you. We should all be proud of

ourselves for managing to do more than we normally can, doesn’t matter

how small a thing it is, to us it can feel like we have conquered Everest.

I feel quietly proud of myself for surviving our little break at the seaside,

with torrential rain and gail force winds, but having said that I really did

enjoy the change of scenery.

Take care all and don’t forget to give yourself a deserved pat on the back

whenever you feel like it.

Pam x

Pat, is simply the bestshe makes it easier somehow to be to be happy in your own living room Written in my living room and glad to be and functioningM

I got my P45 yesterday and had a little cry, it seemed to really hit home that this is it now. This is the start of my new life. That was felt further when I bumped into one of my old colleagues who asked when I was coming back to work. Felt a bit down in the dumps. Then I went to my first evening sewing lesson where I met some lovely women, got up this morning and got ready, did what I had to do, usual day really and sitting down now this evening I realise that I don’t think I could find the time or energy to work now.

Everything I used to do without a second thought has become a challenge for both body and mind and takes soooooo much longer. But I refuse to let it get me down as I’m satisfied that I continue to do what I can, I have family and friends who love me, hobbies and interests that keep me occupied and a different but pleasant quality of life. It might not appeal to everyone but I refuse to sit in a miserable little heap. Misery might love company but company flees from misery. Chin up, see every little achievement, no matter how small and be proud. It helps even on those dark dreary days.

So much positivity on this thread - very inspiring!! I describe myself as a pragmatic optimist. There are so many great things, it’s just recognising them and celebrating them. Today as I arrived for my physio appointment, my physio came out with a client. They were in a conversation, my physio looked at me and looked at her and said ‘the same’, a little glance and smile passed between us. My physio said that her client was having trouble coming to terms with her diagnosis. I have offered to meet her client for a coffee and chat, sorting next week. Karen X PS: How do you do a smile?