Huge achievement!

Min, that’s got to be hard :frowning:

I had a little rant on my facebook status update just a few days ago, my feeling ‘too bloomin exhausted to bother’ mood was bearable until I almost tripped over in the loos at work, if I’d not managed to stay upright I would have head-butted the lavatory - so after that heart-stopping moment I felt really cheesed off, sometimes it’s unbearable when you literally cannot do the simplest thing, sometimes it feels like EVERYTHING is just too much effort sigh

Moid, I do character smileys like so :wink: because if I insert and emoticon, my comment usually has to go off for approval… if you want to insert a smiley then click on the little smiley in the comment tool bar, which by my reckoning should be roughly under… HERE, or thereabouts :slight_smile:

I wonder if that worked?!

Sonia x

Karen I’m sure she would really appreciate that. We’ve all been through that really difficult phase, I know I still have my moments where I want to march back into my neuro’s office and ask for another check up because other people get these illnesses, it’s not supposed to be me.

Sonia I’m not saying I don’t have my little rants and tantrums too. Wow you did have a close shave. Do you also stop, catch your breath, say a little prayer of thanks and then start shaking when you realise just what could have been? I know I do.

Take care

Cath xx