Trip out

Hi all have you had a good weekend we hubby and l went to our outlet shops needed a new deep fat fryer, scooter out of car boot all ready to go Only to find l had left the key at home, so it was a very slow hard walk to get they only to be told we could have used the shops wheelchair oh well next time enjoy the rest of the weekend

regards Jan xx

Oh Jan what a shame! I could imagine doing exactly the same thing!

Next time you will remember the key… but good to know they have a wheelchair.

I had quiet day. Planted a new pot plant that I had rooted in water. Visited my 98 year old neighbour who is very unwell & just really wants to die.

Anyway I got her laughing a bit by telling her how years ago rich people wore such big wigs that mice would make nests in them!

Made a veg curry… really just cut up all the veg in my fridge, put in a pan with chilli flakes and simmered… dead easy and delicious.

But more and more I notice how things just fly out of my hands. It’s an odd sensation that I’m sure some of you know. It’s really as if the things have flown across the room on their own as I have no feeling that my hands are doing anything odd.

Poor woman downstairs… must sound as if I’m having a temper tantrum and flinging stuff around!

I have busy day tomorrow. Repair men coming to replace three panes of glass in my windows (not broken but have got moisture between the double glazing) and then going with NEW WHEELCHAIR to hospital appointment… bowel and bladder nurse… oh joy!!!

A private carer is coming with me as bit nervous in NEW WHEELCHAIR!!! (can’t say that loud enough!)

Well Jan after your epic (and heroic!) walk I hope you got a good fryer! Every time you use it remember the hard work you put into buying it!

Hope everyone had a nice bank holiday,

Pat x

Hi all, Hope everyone had a good Bank Holiday. They’re just like a normal day for me as my hubby never gets one off. Has probably had one off in the last ten years! Boys all home though - so that is different! Had a quiet day but so glad about the lovely sunshine. So sorry about your neighbour Pat. Doesn’t she have a lovely French name? Hope she doesn’t suffer for long! Hope your windows are sorted quickly! Good Luck with your at the hospital. Don’t have too much fun! Hope the wheelchair does its stuff! Sorry about your long walk Jan. Keep your key round your neck, so you don’t forget it again. LOL. Teresa xx

Her name is Huguette. Yes French but born in Egypt in 1914. First year of WW1.

Hope for her sake it’s not much longer. She wants to go. The waiting is terrible… but she is still able to chat and laugh so not all is bad. I thought she was going at Christmas but she got better… so who knows.

Thanks Teresa… so nervous about going in w.chair tomorrow… daft but true.

Pat x

We once went for a few days away to daughter’s graduation and forgot the scooter seat! We were only 200 miles from home. Good luck tomorrow Pat.

Huguette must have had some fascinating stories to tell - does she still remember her past life? I’m glad you understood me Pat - i completely missed out the word wheelchair. Don’t worry , I’m sure things will go to plan with it! Teresa xx

It wasn’t freezing here today! WOW. My son has a Nexus tablet he bought on Friday. I have spent some part of today trying to prise it off him… I wanted to go out, but I have had a throat infection and that seems to affect the co-operation of my legs. I have the annual visit to the MS consultant next week and I am trying to think of intelligent questions. Suggestions? Like ‘what is the VitD test you can get’ and ‘why does it matter’. 'Why can’t VitD be on prescription? '‘When’s the Ann Rowling Centre going to produce a cure???’ sigh

New wheelchair Snow Leopard? Congrats… you never mentioned it before have you

I will have a choc to celebrate, even tho I only joined this forum about a week ago, even I know about your chair

Hi Pat, Good luck tomorrow…you’ll be just fine…I’ll be.sending you posative vibes. Can’t wait to hear all about it …sure I’m not the only one!! Best wishes, Nina x

Teresa… hi hon… yes she has fascinating stories. She has a great memory and no confusion. She got a degree in French Literature at university in Alexandra, Egypt… that must have been in the 30’s, before 2nd world war. Never married. Always worked and looked after various family members.

When she moved into here, sheltered housing, 22 years ago it was the first time she had her own home… not living with family member. She was 76! Said it was heaven. It was brand new… she is the only original resident left.

You and I must be of a same state of brain muddle as I didn’t even notice that you left out the word ‘wheelchair’… LOL…

theladymoth… yes ask about Vit D. My neuro said to take the 5,000 iu a day which I am. But she said buy it on Amazon. They are not allowed to prescribe in such a high dose.

It is hard to think of questions esp as we learn so much on here! If you have bowel or bladder issues ask for referral to clinic. If you think physio would help balance or walking ask for referral for that… and yes… where’s the cure?!!

Jan… hope you recovered from you mega walk. I think I get used to walking around my flat & very short distances so I’m shocked when I try to walk further! Key round the neck is good idea… or keep a spare key in the car?

M… are you back? How did it go???

Thanks to all.

Man came to measure window panes & will come back in next couple of weeks to replace them. I very pleased as it was too much happening all on one day!

Pat xxx

Hi Pat, She must be great to chat to! Glad the glazier wasn’t around to disrupt for too long! Good Luck for your appointment! Teresa xx

Waiting to hear how the maiden voyage in your new wheelie went.

luv Pollx