Bank holiday, wheelchair outing & Hug from hell

Hi gang, hope you’re all doing well?

Nice bank holiday?

I did have a nice time… if a bit too busy… yes overdid it as per usual.

Saturday went with friend up to Ally Pally on the trusty scooter. Lunch by the boating pond in the sunshine… lovely.

Sunday of course had bad faitgue… followed by very bad hug Sunday night. Actually so bad I hardly slept and it was only on my left side so started wondering if it was hug or something worse (ie growth)… which is of couse the sort of thing you think about at 4am

Still had it bad next morning when someone made me laugh and suddenly it went right round my rib cage… so it WAS HUG after all… and then miraculously disappeared altogether!

Then went in friend’s car with wheelchair to Lauderdale House… big old house with lovely grounds and cafe. Only my 2nd outing with the wheelie and went well… except when we stupidly went down a hill which meant of course that I had to be pushed up again!!! Poor friend!!! She is 10 stone and I’m nearly 12.

Absolutely knackered today but was worth it. Had good time except for the dreadful hug.

Hope you are all well and had good weekend.

Raining in London… but was a beautiful sunny weekend.

Pat x

Hello Pat, sounds like a good weekend. I used to spend hours on the hill at Ally Pally-I used to be able to walk therevia Colney Hatch Lane and Dukes Avenue! For the first time this weekend I was able to go with my wife and daughter to the farmers’ market, the allotment and around town. Such simple pleasures restored to me by the purchase of a tramper. Oh what joy! My face even went a bit pink. Now I don’t have to throw myself into the car every time I leave the house then sit in the bloody car while my wife gets out and does things.

Crowborough is sitting in its usual damp cloud today. Let’s hope for more sun soon.

Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Steve, what a pleasure to read that! Scooters are the best thing ever… yes simple pleasures that most people take for granted.

I used to walk up Ally Pally & even had a brief (very brief actually) fad for jogging up there. Well hey I can now go up on my scooter so I’m not missing out.

Do you remember the cafe by the boating pond? It’s very good… do the best all-day breakfast that I know of.

Where is the sun? Mid afternoon & I’ve got the heating & the lights on!

Pat x