What a day!

Hi all, was expecting a quiet day… and needed it as fatigue bad… anyway decorators in flat downstairs found leak in bathroom ceiling… now I have 2 men drilling, removing tiles, generally making a racket and destroying my bathroom!

Oh well, thank God I’m in social housing… they’ll have to put it all together again and it won’t cost me a penny.

But I could have done without it.

Pat x

Hi Pat

Oh just when you needed a quiet day, all hell breaks loose, typical,

at least they have to put the problem right for you.

Try to rest as much as you can, easier said than done, I know, but

best to take it easy for a couple of days to recoup.

Chocolate will help I am sure!

Pam x

Hi Pat, hope you will feel a bit better soon. I know what you mean, its always the same, whenever you need to sleep and take it easy, there is someone somewhere doing diy or digging up the road or chainsawing down trees. its as if they know.

Take it as easy as you can.

Lisa x

Hi Pat, I hope they’ve sorted you out. It’s horrible having uninvited strangers in your home - it makes you feel uncomfortable the whole time they’re there. Hope you’re back to normal for tomorrow! Teresa xx

Hi Pat, Sorry to hear about your busy day, these things always happen just when you need a quiet time.


Hi all, thanks for lovely responses.

They found the leak and fixed it… and I now have big hole in the boxing next to the loo and big area where they had to take the tiles off.

Covered hole with a book as I got paranoid about a mouse coming in again!

Someone will be coming in about a week to fix the damage.

Feel dreadful today… but partly because I have hayfever & my MS HATES hayfever!

On the up-side… the crab-apple tree is in full bloom!!! (no doubt is why I have hayfever!)

Pat x

Know what you mean about the hayfever Pat. It’s brought on awful sinusitis as my sinuses are now blocked and giving me horrible headaches, as well as sneezing and itchy eyes. Glad the cold weather is gone but this is what you get in return. You can’t win! Teresa xx

Hi Teresa, the hayfever is awful isn’t it? I remember last year when I had it I read about it online… it’s an immune system thing so I s’pose that’s why it messes with the MS so much.

Anyway I’m in bed and can see from my window glorious sunshine and beautiful blossom on tree… so I’m very pleased it’s Spring at last but it’s true you can’t win… if it’s not one thing it’s another!

Have to be at wheelchair services at 9.30 tomorrow morning for assessment. Well thank God it’s not an Atos medical !!!

Hope you’re doing ok today Teresa? I woke up with the blocked nose and sneezes but seems a bit better now. Sinus headache is horrible… hope you feel better soon,

Pat x

Thanks Pat - I keep boiling kettles and inhaling steam with a towel over my head. This does ease the problem but is very unpleasant and makes you feel fairly crap at the time. Also, my boys think I look hilarious sat at the table with a towel obscuring my face. Never mind, I’m used to not having much dignity anymore! Hope the assessment at wheelchair services goes well tomorrow. Is this to get a manual wheelchair for people to push you in? Just interested as that is not too far in my future! Teresa xx

Enjoy the quiet while you can Pat.

It seems every time I’ve put my head down for a nap. I’m woken by the ice cream van that started coming round in February!

Thanks Mr. Grumpy.

Teresa… I’m getting a manual wheelchair (or hope to!) on the NHS as whenever I go anywhere out of mob scooter distance I get taxi but can no longer walk at other end. Good thing about the NHS ones is they service them and come out if there’s a problem.

Of course it will mean that I always have to have someone there to push me… but I’m usually with somebody else if I go any distance.

I’ve got appointment with incontinence nurse next Tuesday and already worried how I’ll manage. Luckily the hospital has wheelchairs which are like supermarket trolleys… you put a £1 coin in to release wheelchair… but now I’ve got to find some kind person to push me!

There’s a private carer who works for some of the women here so I think I’ll ask her if she can come… if I can’t get anyone else.

I’ve gone from walking stick to scooter and walker and now moving on to wheelchair… but I do love the scooter for local trips out.

Don’t know about bedroom tax. I need a spare bedroom for all the damned equipment! I’m in small one-bed flat and the equipment’s taking over!

Hope you’re feeling better hon,

Pat x

Hi Pat, How I hate having people doing “things” in my little house, no where to escape. Had my bedroom painted about a month ago, lovely man, did a great job but never the less for me it was a total nightmare. Good luck with the hospital appointment. I’ve read that some of the specialist nurses will come to your home, it seems so unfair for you to pay for taxis and carers, especially at that time of day, I’d have to get up at about 4 am in order to loosen up and be compus mentis, hope that you won’t have to do that. By the way, thought you might like to know that my husband got in to serious trouble for calling my nurse an incontinance nurse! She had called me, my husband answered then called out me that the incontinence nurse was on the phone. Before even saying hello to me she said will you please tell that man I am a continance nurse NOT an incontinance nurse…formidable lady…didnt mention that he got it from me! He now waits in the car park when I have an appointment! Take care Pat, Nina x

Oh blimey Nina… better remember to say CONTINENCE nurse… lol… don’t want to upset anyone!

Got up at 7 Nina for taxi at 8.45… that was bad enough. I have a special discount card to use London taxi’s so don’t mind really.

Well my dear friends my wheelchair is arriving Friday!!! Forest green… very chic!

They were SO nice… everyone smiling and saying hello and 3 times offered tea or coffee.

First thing they did (when they saw me walking… lol…) was offer me a power chair! I said no for the time being as they are very big and I have my scooter… but I can call anytime and say that I want one.

So I will have my own wheelchair to see continence nurse on Tuesday!

Was quite an enjoyable visit… God isn’t it sad when a hospital visit is highlight of your week…

It’s one of those with the big wheels that you can manoeuvre yourself and folds up and even the wheels come off to fit in small car.

Ta da!

Pat x (must calm down or I’ll be back in bed…)

Ohh maybe I have hayfever I have never had it before … Hope you are soon feeling better I feel rough so I hope you feel better than I do. Wot about the mouse? He may well be educated and a\fter reading the book come back to see what else you have in your library.

You have your wheelchair well done you and a green one I never got offered a green one my daughter will be envious green is her favourite colour!

The book is ‘The World of our Mothers - The Lives of Jewish Immigrant Woman’… dunno what the mouse will make of that!

Re the green wheelchair… the OT measured me and then said the only one in stock was forest green and would that be ok? As if I might say NO thanks don’t want forest green! LoL…


Pat, forest green sounds great, mine is black but my house is forest green so if I had yours I could park it outside and nobody would be able to see it

Good luck for Friday, let us all know about your first trip out, Good luck, Nina x

Oh, thanks for the info Pat. Glad to hear that you’re getting your wheelie on Friday. Hope it does the job well and that you can always get someone to push you. Whenever I get one to use in our M&S superstore nearby I absolutely hate it. I am instantly crabby and bad-tempered and want to put a bag over my head. Do you get over that feeling or is it just me? Do people really care what colour it is? Mind you, hospital, utilitarian grey might be a bit depressing I suppose… Let us know what it’s like and how you get on with it! Teresa xx

Hi, before I had my self propel wheelie, I had an attendant push type. More than once was i pushed into a shop and left facing the wall, whilst hubby got what he wanted. Not my idea of retail therapy at all.

Another time, sis took me to the cinema in it and parked me…with my back to the chuffin` screen!

I said to her, do tell me if it`s a good film eh?

Only then did she realise what she`d one! We had a good laff, of course!

it still makes a good tale, years later.

luv Pollx