How we all doing?

Hi all, I’m on day 4 of being in bed! The day of the Southend hurricane really has taken its toll.

‘Always look on the bri-ight side of life… de dum de dum, dedumdedumdedum’…

I’m thanking the heavens for supermarket internet shopping. Hey I might be stuck in bed but got a fridge full of good ‘easy’ food!

Actually I think what happened is I caught a cold (there’s one going round), but because my wonderful gorilla doesn’t let me catch a virus like any normal person, it’s just sent all symptoms through the roof and made my FATIGUE turn into three-headed monster.

So what’s everyone up to eh?

Miserable wet weather in London… but it’s perfect ‘in bed’ weather… cosy and warm…

Love to all,

Pat x

Dear Pat

What a damn shame, you keep cosy and warm ((((((((((((( hug)))))))))))))))))))))) that’s the first time I’ve sent a hug I’ll also send be good to yourself and take care, M

Oh Pat Sorry you’re stuck in bed feeling cr*p. Hope you start to feel better soon. I’m still much improved by the use of the catheters. The stress I have been feeling has abated a lot and I am sleeping better, as well as the pains in my legs(due to the positions I had to get in to pee, just don’t ask!). Enjoy all the food you have in stock - treat yourself and stay cosy! Teresa xx

Hi Pat

Sorry to hear you are not so well, hope you feel better soon.

Don;t try fighting that fatigue, rest, rest and rest some more.

Lousy weather here in Gloucestershire, which doesn’t help my

fuzzy head, still onwards and upwards.

Take care

Pam x

Thanks gang!

I’m whispering this in case I jinx it…(but I think I’m feeling a bit better)

Have a nice evening everyone,

Pat x

Great. Long may it continue. It’s resting that does it isn’t it? Teresa xx

Quietly saying I hope you are still improving…M

Hi Pat

Long may it continue, take care

Pam x

Hi Pat, sorry to hear youve had to take to your bed. Wouldnt it be nice if we could hibernate like bears and then come out in the spring…slimmer too, for me anyway!

Do you get pressure pains when in bed? I do, even tho` I have my electric air circulating mattress.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, no don’t get pressure sores. I tend to use my arms to pull myself into sitting position… and have grab bar at side of bed. But really just very lucky as have more mobility than you Poll so I am ok to get up and walk around my flat and use bathroom etc.

I felt well enough earlier to go out on scooter… BUT then saw that scooter charge was nearly done as I’d forgotten to charge it after trip to seaside.

Now it’s been charging for several hours and still the dial is showing no charge… so something badly wrong! When it was put into boot of coach the driver was a bit rough with it and then piled walkers and folded wheelchairs on top of it.

Well, last time it broke down the company brought me another scooter to use while mine was being fixed… so hopefully I can get it sorted on Monday.

So I’m grounded for now!

Hope you all having nice weekend,

Pat x

Hi Pat Hope you’re not without it for too long as I know you love it. Glad you felt well enough to get out and about today. I went out to the huge M and S nearby and came home absolutely knackered and my legs could hardly do anything. Feeling a bit more with it now though after several small naps during the day. Enjoy your Saturday evening! Teresa xx

Ignore above ‘broken scooter’ story.

Fixed it myself. Too complicated to explain but it involved the use of a meat skewer…

Ahhhhhhhhh… sometimes I’m astounded by my own brilliance…

Pat x

hi pat

hope feeling better now

hate colds just when think got the monster under control

fixed scooter with meat skewer,you should get a job in F1


pat can you help me do you know anything about drug ldn please?

pat can you help me do you know anything about drug ldn please?

Sorry you’ve been ‘ooky’ Pat but glad you are feeling better now.

And you fixed your scooter, yay (the A team has nowt on you hun)!

I fixed my leaky radiator the other day, only 1/4 turn of a spanner but I love it when a plan comes together.

M xx

Hi Lozzie, I’m not on LDN, but there are lots of people on this site who are.

Suggest you post on Everyday Living and put in subject line that you want to know more about LDN.

There’s also a site with lots of info called ‘The LDN Research Trust’. Google it and take a look.

Good luck.

Pat x

How amazing are we, we could sort the country and the world if we had the energytake care folks, be safeM

Many thanks i shall check on everyday living and try to get a bit more info on ldn