How are we all doing?

A bit quiet on here gang! How is everyone?

I’m in bed with very weak legs and dizziness … been over a week since I last went out anywhere… luckily in sheltered I do get to go to some ‘in house’ stuff but even that seems an effort at moment. Having to use my walker instead of walking-stick as feeling I could topple over quite easily.

Ah well. Very wet and chilly in London so at least I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.

Longing for chocolate! Wonder if I could sneak down to the communal kitchen and steal chocolate biscuits from biscuit tin? Hmmm tempting thought but even that seems like huge effort.

If Chocolate Fairy-Godmother appeared right this second I think I’d go for large bar of Green and Blacks white chocolate. What would be your chocolate of choice right now?

Hope you’re all doing ok???

Pat xx

Hi Pat; could do with a bar of milky way tbh, although I’m managing to stick to my low sugar diet…just. Legs very much like yours at the moment, hey ho. (BTW, how do you get to do hard returns posting here? Me, and many other users, are unable to write in paragraphs at the moment.

Hi Pat, Lovely to see you - sorry you’re not feeling so good. You’re right, it’s deathly on here! I have had my first neuro appointment in two years today - very productive. New neuro - lovely and normal. An actual human being! He’s putting me on new meds, so let’s see how they go. He also reassured me as I was worried as to how fast my MS was progressing. He said this was ‘average’ but how can they compute that equation? How long is a piece of string? If I had any choice of choc, I’d go for plain chocolate champagne truffles! Yum! Take care, Teresa xx

Hello Pat, my wife has just gone back to work part time so I’m home alone for 3 days. I usually have a very static day but can get out on the scooter. I can even prepare and cook if things are set up. Putting a plug in-now there’s something. Leaning over the sofa arm to reach the socket meant that with my vast weight I compressed a rib-don’t make me laugh. It has affected everything. It’s only just starting to improve. The feet are like balloons and a varriety of aches come and go but you’ve still got to make the effort to do something. Our 10 month old duaghter gives me no choice-she’s all over the place. Life goes on. We still find time to laugh. I’m trying to stay away from chocolate! Now its wine o’clock. Best wishes, Steve x.

Hi, I’m feeling weak and floppy, too. From about 3pm I’m good for nothing. Hoping for an early night once my boys (10 & 13) have finished playing Fifa 13 on the Xbox. Fav choccie - Booja Booja raw Equadorian truffles. Heather

Damn, my legs are annoying! Jelly one minute, lumps of granite the next! So you have my sympathy Pat. May I suggest some Fry’s Turkish Delight: one never gets over one’s boyhood passions.

Hi Pat, so

rry you are not doing so good, ms is just like a merry go round, and I bet you’re like me, wishing it would stop so we could get off!

Hope tomorrow is kinder to you, and if the chocolate fairy comes my way, I hope she brings a frys chocolate cream, drooling at the thought.

Wet and cold here today, take care.

Pam x

Hello all and yes, it is quiet. Return key isn’t working so apologies now for the lump of text coming up… Sorry to hear a few of the gang have been a bit poorly, I think chocolate and wine are essential right now, have had a large quantity of chocolate myself (all sorts really, emptying my stash) but just one red wine :slight_smile: I had my first physio session this week and I have to say, I was very impressed. I now have crutches, a recommendation to ask my doctor for Baclofen and a list of exercises/stretches will be on their way. She spent and hour and 20 mins with me, so she was thorough and I felt like it was really worthwhile. It’s kind of refreshed my determination to keep walking on my own. I’m now using my walking stick properly so I’m really slow again but hopefully regaining a bit of balance etc. Oh, and she also suggested I ask my gastroenterologist for my LDN prescription, especially as I’m a healthy weight now etc. OK, I’m stopping there, it’s too much of a lump already :wink: Sonia x

Hi Clucker Pigeon… mmmmm milky way!

My return just works on here without a problem… but I know lots of people have had problems with it since tech team have been trying to get rid of the spammers.

Awful as like most of us I have cog problems and double vision and a block of text is difficult! Wish they’d get it sorted out.

Legs are still weak today… yes hey ho… you and me in same boat!

Pat x

Hi Teresa, lovely to hear you’ve got a nice new neuro. It really makes a huge difference when they are human and treat you like a human being!!!

Great about new med’s. Did he say what?

I don’t know what is average and I don’t know how they know! They always tell me that I’m ‘slow progressing’… but sometimes I wonder… how slow is slow? Is going from mobile to scooter and wheelchair use in the last 5 years really that slow? Very confusing… and as you say… how do they work that out?

Plain chocolate champagne truffles!!! I don’t normally like plain chocolate, but last Xmas my neighbour Huguette gave me a packet of plain chocolate truffles from France. OMG. They were the best chocolates I have EVER eaten…

Take care hon,

Pat x

Seems we are all a bit under par at the moment…maybe that’s why it’s been so quiet. Hope everyone is feeling a little better today. As to the chocolate…mmmm the list is so long…but the favourites of the moment…if only I could recall the name…they are made by Lindt they come in a red box and they are little balls of chocolate with runny chocolate inside, mmmm scrummy! Drizzly and grey here today…hope the sun is shining where you are. No trouble with paragraphs but still can’t make smileys work. Very best to everyone , Nina

Thanks gang for all replies… I had a plan to reply to each individually as everyone seems a bit under the weather right now… but have just done two and have run out of energy… so much for plans of mice and men and women with MS… LOL…

I’ll will try again later,

Love ya,

Pat x

New meds Pat - Amantadine for fatigue and Simvastatin (which is a cholesterol drug but has shown good results for mild help with progression) . Any help to slow it down at all would be fab! I have it on good authority that he is up to date and that the use of statins in MS is becoming more popular and can help a bit. So I’ll have a go! Pace yourself sweetheart! Teresa xx

Hi love, I’ve been on Atorvastatin (10 mg daily) for past few years… maybe that’s the secret of my slow progression!

Fingers crossed hon and let us know how you get on with Amantadine.

Taking it very easy… I recently got a Talktalk YouView box so I can watch catch-up and stuff on the telly… great for days when I can’t do much…

Just watched ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ with Sarah Millican. Very interesting and couldn’t help having a little chuckle when she said her husband had ‘stopped loving her’ and left her and that’s when she decided to be a comedian… ha ha… bet he’s spitting nails now!

Take care Teresa,

Pat x

Hi Steve… oooooh that sounds very painful… Glad you are finally improving.

My neighbour had very swollen feet and we finally talked her into getting a riser/recliner chair so she could keep her feet up (and much higher than a foot-stall). It worked Steve. The swelling went down in about 2 weeks. The trick apparently is to have your feet as high, or higher, than your hips. Recliner chairs do that. Have you got one?

10 month old daughter… yep I bet she’s everywhere all at once. That’s lovely Steve… and I bet you’re a great dad.

Wine o’clock…

Pat x

Hi Heather, can’t imagine HOW you manage with two adolescent boys in the house!!!

Wonder if the change in the weather is connected to us all feeling so out of sorts?

Booja Booja raw Equadorian truffles??? Now there’s something I have gotta try…

Take care hon,

Pat x

Hi Pam, are you doing any better hon? Hope so.

I’m having another dressing-gown day… and walking-stick indoors which is rare for me. These ‘weak legs’ episodes usually only last a day or two for me… but this is going on… and on… and on… (well actually it’s only been a few days… just feels like forever).

Haven’t had a Frys chocolate cream for years… so it’s about time I did!

Pat x

Hi Sonia, lovely positive post! I’m glad the physio is so good… and loads of people get relief with Baclofen. That is also hopeful that you could get LDN on prescription. Fingers crossed hon and I so admire your determination. That’s the spirit… keep on trecking!

It’s a pain in the rear end that your return key isn’t working either. Wish they would sort it out. Seems like loads of people having same problem (maybe the website has got MS!).

Wish I had a stash that needed emptying… I never keep anything long enough to create a stash…

Take care hon,

Pat x

Hi Nina… OMG the Lindt balls are like Chocolate Heaven!!! I love them… both the red box and the cream coloured box which has white balls. It’s that moment when you get through the outer shell and hit the runny chocolate that has to be about the best chocolate experience there is…

Mouth watering just thinking of it… AND they have to be just the right temperature. Put them in the fridge for too long and the runny choc’ goes hard. Let them get too warm and the outer shell is too soft. There is real chocolate science involved in the Lindt experience!

Grey and sort of nothing weather in London.

Take care hon,

Pat x

I hope that the statin may help then - I’m encouraged by your experience of it! The Talktalk YouView box sounds like a useful addition to your life. I find Sarah Millican very funny - her hubby obviously cut his nose off to spite his face! She gets the last laugh! Teresa xx