Hi gang!

Hi All, sorry I’ve been so absent recently! I have been involved with church which actually gets me out of the house twice a week (can hardly believe it myself!) but also of course it has impacted on my fatigue levels. A big part of me is so happy to be on this new spiritual path but sadly my physical body is not so happy!

I keep thinking the fatigue will improve soon… sooooooon never seems to come!

My MS doesn’t like me going out or doing anything out of bed or the recliner chair (Big Bertha) so I’ve not been up to much except resting!

I had a blood test result with toxic levels of Vit D3… I’ve been taking 5000 iu for a few years… so I have had to come off it for a month, then have another blood test, then go back on it 3 times a week.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has had to come off it completely and found that their fatigue levels were worse?

I’ve also been taking 300 mg of Biotin daily since January, but honestly can’t detect any improvement at all so far… but to be fair the French trial did say people started to notice benefits at 9 months, so it’s still early days for me.

Dickie, my feline flat mate, is doing very well. He now goes out into the corridor outside my flat on a long lead, and my neighbors make a huge fuss of him which of course he loves. He hates me going out just as much as MS does!!! But he’s a good cat, great company and always makes me laugh. Quite a little character!

Hope everyone is doing well? It’s lovely to see Spring coming isn’t it?

Much love to all,

Pat xx

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Hello Pat.

So nice to hear from you. The weather has encouraged me out a bit more as well. As far as I’m concerned the beast can do a run and jump. The fatigue is a bit of a bind but I have a freezer full of home made food and enough tea bags for an arctic winter.

On a Tuesday I now do a lengthy physio session and teach the piano to three pupils which leaves me drained but as I’m sprawled out on my recliner, MS gets the two fingers. How dare it keep me back. It’s just a force; it has no brains.

Seymour is such an idle so and so these days but he loves a fuss and he’s very loyal.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Pat, Its so good to hear from you Ive really missed you. Im glad that you are okay and have a new interest in your life. Me and Frazer go to church usually twice a week, if i’m well enough, and i find that it helps me. Everybody loves him there he sits next to my wheelchair on his blanket, all the children love him and on Sundays we have tea and biscuits he loves Sundays best!

Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi Pat

Lovely to see you here again, I missed your posts, but am glad you have found something of interest to you, it’s good to have a distraction to take your mind off ms.

I expect it works both ways with your neighbours and Dickie, they enjoy seeing him and he enjoys the fuss, win win all ways.

we have had a lovely couple of sp ring like days here, but today is cold and really windy, so whilst Spring is close, it’s not quite here yet.

Have a lovely weekend, take care.

Pam x


good to hear from you Pat,you have been missed.

J x


Good to see you back Pat!

Nina x


Hi Pat glad you are OK

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