Hi guys, long time no see :)

After 5 months of my Houdini act from here, a stressful move from Somerset to Surrey, and lots of things inbetween, I thought I’d pop my head in the door to see how everyone is doing? I hope noone is letting the MS win.

I’ve also stumbled onto something which I believe has stopped/is slowly reversing my MS. It’s probably a subject that has been spoken about on here before, it’s natural juicing.

My fiancees dad has some type of arthritis in his neck from too much football when he was younger and has spent alot of time way before I came here researching that along with a natural plant based diet and it seems to be easing him up somewhat. I didn’t really put much thought into it at first cos I liked my bad foods, but seeing as I was under his roof I had to adhere as it were :stuck_out_tongue:

But 6 months later and few stumbling blocks later (Pepsi is my vice unfortunately) I no longer take Baclofen, VERY rarely have to take Solifencen (sp) and I haven’t used the cane in a good few months. I still fatigue and stumble every now and then, but looking back at before I left and would take 5 minutes to walk down a flight of stairs its a mad transformation

I would urge anybody, either recently diagnosed or long term to look up natural juicing or plant based diets because I honestly swear by it. Som of the stories I’ve read on full recoveries or near full are amazing

This explanation went on longer than I intended it too, I just think nobody should have to suffer with drugs when a natural option is so openly available. But my imparted info bit is done. I do truly hope everyone is ok. This place was a massive support and you guys were great. I hope it all continues :slight_smile:

All the best guys…

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Hi Dave,

Sounds as though life has been pretty traumatic for you over the last five months. Good to see you back though.

Very brave of you to try that diet…it must be incredibly hard to stick too? Does it mean no chocolate what so ever?

good luck

Nina x

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Hey Nina! Nice to hear from you. It’s been a transition but with many more highs than lows. The diet has been tough. I’m taking it one step at a time. Still eating chocolate and stuff on and off but that will stop eventually. It’s actually scary how bad dairy is for you. But the stuff that includes it is so damn tasty haha. How are you doing? I hope you’re keeping well? X

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Hi Dave, good to see you on here. Great the diet is working so well for you. Always good to hear someone has had success!

Hope you’re having a good weekend,

Pat xx

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Hi Pat, great to see you :slight_smile:

It’s still hit and miss some days but improved massively, I would recommend it to anyone. How are you getting on? It’s nice to see some recognisable faces, there seems to be a ton of new people! xx

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Hi Dave,

Coping thanks, although I always find I struggle when the seasons change…seems to happen to a few of us.

Stay in touch and take care of yourself.

Nina x

I think this reply option is new. Spent 5 minutes looking for your reply

Season change is a harsh mistress. I remember looking forward to the summer after the diagnosis thinking it would loosen my bones up.

Just no haha

I’m glad you’re coping though and not letting it beat you x

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