Hello all, I have some info that may help

Hello all, long time no speak, I really hope you’re all keeping strong and doing ok.

A while back I made a thread about natural juicing, something which alongside changing to a vegan diet I feel has helped alot. I’m sure those of you who have also had to make lifestyle changes may agree

However, while symptoms have improved I have still struggled with balance issues, lack of sleep and the lethargy that ultimately follows. And while keeping a close eye on modern medicine news I have also looked into alternative and little known therapies. My father in law is a part of FMTV (food matters tv, I would suggest taking a look if you have a spare few hours) and there was a film on something called earthing, sitting barefoot in the garden (no easy feat with two dogs) and spending time in the garden or the front while gardening, essentially using the earths frequencies and energies and allowing your body to soak them in (the man in the film was from Canada in the mid winter and actually spent 20 minutes a day with have of his body IN the earth!)

ANYWAY this intrigued us as he passed the news of it around his village, which was plagued with ills such as arthritis, long term labouring injuries and so on, and alot of them had found their symptoms had disappeared or lessened, they even cured snoring (and I can personally agree with that one)

So we tried it, and I felt good, not better, good, and I carried on doing it, eventually doing some proper research on it and found that they made earthing bed sheets, the ones you put over your mattress, it works by connecting it to a regular plug and it uses the earthing part of the plug, the sheet itself has conductive material in it straight from the earth.

I am 3 weeks in and my circulation has improved dramatically, I’m sleeping better, I feel happier, more at ease, and more importantly, I haven’t used my cane for at least 2 weeks, I’m walking slow still but the balance and rhythm is slowly coming back.

I think I went on too long here, but I would really really implore you to at least try it or have a look, you may well be surprised at how much it helps, I KNOW you’ll feel better in yourself.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile: I really hope if you do decide to give it a shot, it helps you!

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Hello Davidttn,

Thats sounds interesting, I always feel good after being in my garden, I just love smelling the air and watching the birds, infact being close to nature always makes me feel better, i’m fortunate because our garden is very private with high hedges so on days when i’m falling and crawling up it no one can see me…Iv’e just planted some veg out there so i’m looking forward to it growing…its funny before i got ill i had very little time to appreciate the garden , i liked it but it was a bit of a wilderness now i really love it in fact part of my 12 hours direct payments are spent on having a gardener to help me…I asked the my social worker and she said if i felt it would enable me to get outside it was fine …so Greg comes every week, hes fabulous, he’s really transformed it into a paradise.

The earth sheets sound interesting, it sounds a bit like camping…I always loved camping, but I suppose it makes sense, after all “God made Adam out of the dust” so maybe because we are all from the earth originally it might help.

The vegan diet sounds interesting, my brother in law follows that but sounds quite hard, i’d be interested in the juicing. I hate taking medication I know that its often necessary but natural remedys really appeal to me.

Michelle x

Hi Michelle

It IS weird, I never realised that I felt better after a stint outside until I watched the film, I’d suggest trying it in bare feet if you aren’t already.

The grounding sheets are pricey but I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, it was a very worthwhile purchase but it’s not for everyone. If you do get a spare hour try just lying in the garden, it all sounds so hippyish but treehuggers blatantly knew something we didn’t!

The diet change has been an eye opener, I think dairy is more harmful than meat but the juicing has helped loads, one quote I heard that opened my eyes to dairy was “we are the only species that drinks another species’ milk” and it’s true, what’s up with that?



Hello Dave, I’ve just been sat outside having a Barbecue with Lee and the children and Frazer, I often go out without my shoes and I was tonight, Lee was laughing and telling me to think about giraffes, I’m not sure how thinking about giraffes would make much difference but I usually fall and the OT once told me to try to think of an animal so it was giraffes tonight. I still fell.but it was so good to be outside. Michelle x

Hi Dave,

I really enjoyed your post. I’ve tried various diets over the years and have settled on Paleolithic - my body seems to need meat, otherwise I can get quite weak and light headed. Having said that, red meat, particularly pork, takes so much energy for my body to digest that I’m rendered useless.

I’d love to be able to have green juices, but my bladder can be quite sore (Interstitial Cystitis) and anything too acidic, even olive oil, and green veg can leave me in a lot of discomfort. I’ve been taking Sweet Cures D-mannose for the last few weeks and that has really helped, but I’m obviously still a bit nervous about adding foods back in. I’ve been buying ready-made juices from Obsidian, just to see how I get on. They’re freshly made but arrive frozen and you just defrost them overnight. A good idea but expensive. I’ve got a Vitamix and would love to make my own, but I have a lot of stiffness in my right arm and can’t use the Vitamix one-handed.

i’ve looked into Grounding before, and now the weather is nice, will get outside and give it a go. I believe we have to do as much as we can to help ourselves. It may be considered a bit hippy by some, but most of the food we eat is full of chemicals, additives, preservatives, antibiotics, pesticides etc before we even get onto junk and sugar; the water we drink is full of stuff that can’t be filtered out, eg. Hormones from the contraceptive pill; we smear our bodies in various combinations of chemical gunk in tbe name of beauty; breathe polluted air; expose our skin to various chemicals eg. Washing powder, flame retardant coverings…need I go on? And we wonder why we get sick.

keep up the good work.


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Hi Dave, sounds really interesting. I don’t feel safe (falls and not getting back up not random other things) in the garden so barely sit in our garden although get plenty of fresh air. I did used to love being barefoot, so gonna give this some serious thought. Thanks