So here we go...

Good Morning All. I was diagnosed witn MS on Wednesday. Its taken me a few days to get to grips with everything. Im not quite sure what my next step is as im between consultants. What I have decided is that im going to battle this with everything I’ve got. Ive cut out alcohol and made my diet as healthy as possibe. Just wanted to say Hi and read other peoples stories and experiences


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Hi Dave
In the nicest possible way, sorry to hear you’ve joined our gang!

How much do you know? RR or Progressive MS? How long have you had symptoms, pre-diagnosis?

I’m 61, PPMS, diagnosed 2.5 years ago but in hindsight, MS has probably been poking around in my system for 10 years now. Was previously misdiagnosed with something regarded as curable - so that didn’t work out too well… Walk with a stick now and have rollator and electric chair for distances over 100m.


Yes I’ve given up the sauce now for two reasons namely: I find having MS, the effect of alcohol is augmented and I’m so unstable on my pins already, it’s not a good mix.
Also I have ITP blood disorder, another unwanted auto-immune disorder, so I notice alcohol burns up all my platelets to almost nothing --not good at all.
Welcome, good fighting spirit will get you far in this battle against multiple sclerosis.
Best regards,

Dave, thats in my opinion a good start and one I followed. I now occasionally and only at the weekends, drink a glass or two of red wine… sometimes a few more on holiday but I elected to cut it out completely for three months and never touch any white or spirits. Still gluten, dairy and egg free which at 56 is not a significant hardship and also gives me the excuse to not eat processed food and as organic as possible even if this means more expensive.