Hey everyone

Hey everyone,

My name’s Peter. I’m 26 and from Belfast. I was recently diagnosed with suspected MS. I got blurred vision and from there the diagnosis was made. At first, things were pretty scary and I kinda just felt in limbo about it all. Still do to be honest. It’s just one of these odd conditions that is pieced together, rather than a concrete diagnosis. I’m just holding on to hope that it’s a ‘mimic’.

Regardless, it’s a manageable condition and I’m learning more and more about it everyday. I’m also given confidence from the amount of support groups I see out there. Moreover, I have gained confidence rom reading other peoples testimonials.

Things are ok for me now after I was given steroids in the hopsital. However, what I’d love to know is, what changes did everyone make after hearing their original diagnosis? mine have ben:

1: Ctting processed food OUT. I always had a healthy (ish) diets. Now, I don’t drink alcohol, have more motivation for the gym, have cut all junk food out and my diet consists of fish and chicken, leafy vegetables (kale, spinach and runner beans), museli, soya milk, plenty of water, fruit and vegetable snacks.

2: Drive to take up meditation.

3: Ensuring I’ve plenty of sleep

4: I’ve also became interested in the Dr. Tryy Whals diet/paleo diet.

What does everyone think? I’d readily welcome your thoughts as recently I’ve begun to feel slightly lightheaded at times during the day. Not sure if it’s MS related or diet change related to be honest!


Look forward to conversing with you all on this!

Hi Peter

Welcome to the boards

I’m sorry you’ve found yourself here but hopefully you’ll get a definite diagnosis soon. It’s nice to note that you have already realised that MS is not the end of the world and that it is possible to live a full life around the condition. However, don’t be surprised if you have down days too as it is still a lot to take on board and has its ups and downs. It sounds as if you have a positive outlook though, so you sound well equipped to cope with whatever it throws at you. Don’t forget we are all here for you whenever you need any support or advice.

I’m afraid I didn’t make any huge life-changing decisions following my diagnosis. I was floored by a disabling relapse at the time and it took all my energy to recover from it so my initial decisions were to rest whenever I needed to instead of trying to push on (single mum syndrome!), accept help whenever it’s offered, try to eat healthily. However, when the fatigue hits I often eat takeaways or ready meals as I still work 30 hours pw and am often too tired to stand and cook. I do drink alcohol now and again (MS takes enough away already) and I don’t restrict my diet any more than my bladder and bowel dictate. I did take up yoga and it was a real help. I am not able to attend a full class at the moment as it would be a waste of money; I know I would have to sit out at least half of it, but I am still doing the basic warm up stretches at home and they are gradually helping.

I think each of us has to find what works for us. Everyone’s MS is very individual (as are we) and we all find a unique way of life that works for us and our MS. As long as your new regime works for you then stick with it. However if you think it may need tweaking, then have a rethink, try something else and see what does work.

Best wishes

Tracey x