Hi everyone

Good afternoon everyone. I’ve been lurking for awhile, reading the posts, so thought I best introduce myself. I’m a 52yr old, otherwise healthy male diagnosed with RRMS 2 years ago this October. At first I thought it was the end of the world, but have learned to accept my condition. I have been fortunate thus far to have had no relapses since April 2018. I take several vitamins daily and went vegetarian at the turn of the year. Been on Tecfidera since the start of this journey with no side effects. Optic Neuritis(ON) eventually lead to my diagnosis and my vision, whilst fine is not as good as before the ON. So whilst i dont see as well as i used to, in terms of lifestyle and fitness, i see clearer than ever… These are strange times we’re living in, and whilst Coronavirus is a worry, we live with MS every day. So stay positive and stay safe. Regards, Retro.

Hi Retro

nice to meet you.

I’m semi vegetarian, eating meat 2 or 3 times per week.

the fatigue is worse when I do.

weird ailment this MS, It seems to me that the act of eating uses up what little energy I have.

This weather ain’t helping, humidity does my MS no favours at all.

anyway, sorry for my moaning about the heat.

I will take a leaf out of your book and try to be more positive.

Carole x

Hi Carole, I have next to no fatigue, it wasn’t too bad before I went veggie but since, it’s been virtually non-existent. Can’t say if they’re linked but might be worth a try for you. Nothing ventured etc. I use oat milk too for less dairy. I’m exercising regularly too, so can’t be bad. Only negative i feel is if im running at any pace i dont feel my balance is as good as it once was. I take specific vitamins too and around 2 litres of water a day. I’m pretty rigid with all of this. Stay safe. Retro.x I

Hi Retro,

If you don’t mind me asking what happened with your ON that led to a diagnosis? I have had ON in both my eyes now (two separate occasions) I am currently waiting for an appointment for a lumbar puncture. My MRIs have been clear, apart from the ON. My tests etc have been going on since before lock down, in fact it is now nearly a year since I had my first attack of ON - that was in my left eye. The second happened during lockdown and my right eye is still recovering. My neurologist asked me to take vitamin D (which I am taking religiously!). Anything you can tell me about your experience would be awesome!


Hi Bettie, I was similar to you. Ambling along in life, minding my own business and my vision went in my right eye, this led to tests for diabetes and a host of other things. All of these were negative. I had inflammation on my optic nerve and got steriods for that. My vision came back but much reduced in that eye. 4 months later, same again in other eye. It eventually came back almost as good as new. During that time I had lots of tests, an MRI, LP and here we are with RRMS. I did read somewhere that approx. 45% of people who have ON go on to develop MS, so hopefully you’ll be one of the other 55%.

I’ve been ON and relapse free(that I know of) for gone 2 years.

If I’m running during exercise I don’t feel my balance is as good as it used to be , otherwise all good. No other symptoms. Stay safe. Retro. x

Gosh! That sounds very familiar! Thank you for sharing. I’m trying to stay positive about everything and most of the time I do (I’m not great with needles and medical stuff… not helpful really!) Reading your posts have given me a positive boost that’s for sure! Thanks again, Bettie xx

Hi…good for you for maintaining a decent outlook Retro. Glad to hear the t drug is helping. Positive post this…good stuff!


Thanks. And thats cool username you have there. Retro x

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