Hi guys. Recently diagnosed here.

I say recently. It was more mid November. And after going through the motions, becoming quite mad at myself and taking it out on the wrong people, I took my fiancee’s advice and listened to some of her positive mental attitude stuff (starting at 4.30 in the morning) and I do feel alot more positive. Coming here was a big step because reading about MS was something I really didn’t want to do, ignorance is bliss apparently. But I decided to bite the bullet and finally understand I’m not alone so wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. So to put it bluntly: Hi. I’m David. And I have primary progressive MS. It’s a comfort to know I’m not alone. I hope that doesn’t sound macabre or weird.

Hi David, you’re definitely not on your own. This forum helped me a lot when I was first diagnosed, the people on here are very friendly and supportive and there’s very few ms related topics they don’t know about or don’t have experience of. Take care, we’re. Still in the same boat.

Cath x

Hello David, welcome! Hope you get as much from this board as I do! Everyone is very friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. You are most certainly not alone, please ask about anything that troubles you. Very best wishes, Nina x

Hi David.

You come across a level headed kind of bloke and thanks for joining us. It’s good to ask others about their experiences and you’ll find their advice very helpful, not just about MS.

Take care.

Welcome to the board David MS aint to bad its a big old adventure that you are just starting on if we can help in any way we will try. Keep smiling and have fun. well something like fun sometimes

Thanks for the warm welcome! It really means alot :slight_smile: there are/will be questions no doubt but I’m more than content knowing that there is a friendly base somewhere! Going through a bout of optic neuritis at the minute. That’s the worst problem at the minute so going through an ok patch. I hope you’re all ok and thanks again

Hi David

Ignorance IS bliss, I completely agree with that. But since you’re here now, a HUGE welcome :slight_smile:

A year ago I was very fit and healthy and now, suddenly this is the biggest thing I’ve ever had to deal with.

I’d have gone mad if there wasn’t somewhere to talk, the support here is immense. Despite a Dx earlier this year, I’ve still not braved support groups etc. and I think some of that is because I’m kind of in denial. I think it’s impossible to do everything at once… I will get there eventually tho :slight_smile:

Glad to have you in our gang

Sonia x

Hi Sonia :slight_smile: I know what you mean, and everyone else here in fact. I was a bit of a gym buff and until recently hoped that I’d get back into it properly. But accepting it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m glad I’ve come here because the support is amazing, I’m only a day in and I’m overwhelmed. I’ve had alot of support from my missus, but speaking with people going through what I am is second to none really.

But you are right, you will get there, no such thing as ‘can’t’ or ‘impossible’

Even if it is a struggle a good attitude helps everything!

Totally agree David :slight_smile:

Hi David and a big welcome to the gang! Well yeah ignorance is bliss… but once you know what you’ve got it helps to connect with others in the same boat. We are the PPMS experts on here… so you’re in good company! You are in the worst bit following diagnosis… the beginning. Believe it or not it does get easier to handle. For now, expect it to be a bit of a roller-coaster. Sometimes it will feel ok and then BANG it will hit you again. Just try and roll with it. Take it one day at a time. Any questions you have can be put on here… but more than that… we are all here for each other. And one other thing to bear in mind… there really is a lot of research going on right now into PPMS… so new treatments are on the horizon. If you were going to get this thing called PPMS you coudn’t have chosen a better time really. Read up on what is available right now… esp LDN which helps a lot of people. Take care, Pat x

Hi David

I have to agree with everyone this forum is amazing, I come on most days, dont post but take the reasurrance that I’m not alone. I’m still waiting for my formal diagnosis, but I’m at month 6 of not having a symptom free day and my MS nurse has told me to expect the PPMS diagnosis, but I got the date of my next nuro appointment and it sent me into panic again - reality kicking in, but a PMA works wonders, although not acheievable all the time so try not to feel guilty when its not there.

Take each day as it comes, take care Ruth x

Hi David

Just wanted to say welcome to our gang of lovely friendly and very supportive people.

Take one day at a time…it does really get easier after acceptance, but also be kind to yourself.

Pam x

Thanks guys, it warms my heart that you’ve all been so welcoming. I’m taking it day by day now I’m finally over the initial shock etc. It feels like it’ll be alot easier with the support of you all :slight_smile:

David taking it day by day is the best way to cope. You might still get the sudden hit where the shock comes back and you begin to doubt the diagnosis or feel you can’t cope, don’t be surprised, it’s quite normal. I kept wanting to confront my Neuro and make sure he hadn’t made a mistake or the symptoms would get me down. We’re always here for each other when things get on top of us. Take care.

Cath xx

Cath makes such a good point. Doubting the diagnosis is very normal. I was dx over 5 years ago and on a good day I still think maybe they got it wrong… then next day all symptoms are back and I think ah yes, they were right after all. Another thing to watch out for David is guilt. You might feel guilty that you got MS in the first place … wondering if you did something to cause it (the answer is NO) and you might feel guilty that you can’t do things… sometimes it’s even normal to think you’re putting it on. All nonsense of course but all normal on the road to accepting MS. Knowing that these thoughts and feelings are normal helps a lot. Pat x

Pat you’ve hit the nail on the head there. I often think I’m being pathetic when what should be a minor activity for someone my age totally exhausts me. The feeling that I must have been a really bad beggar at some stage to deserve all this. See David, it’s all normal, we just have to shake ourselves (gently) and accept the reality and limitations.

Cath xx

Hi David, Just wanted to join in with the welcomes. You will find it tough to come to terms with this, so be kind to yourself and take it day-by-day. The fact that you have strong support at home will get you through but hopefully support on here will help! Please feel free to rant and rave if you need to, we all do that from time to time! You will have good days and bad days but you will get your head round it eventually! Take care, Teresa xx

Hi - hope its OK to intrude. . .

David, thank you buddy. You have done what I have ‘tried’ to do several times now. 'fess up !!

So, I am this because you have. I am Paul,42, my nickname in life is fopsy - ironic that PPMS has now actually made me flopsy !! I wish my mates had given me the nickname ‘lucky’ :slight_smile:

I have been diagnosed with PPMS for 2 years - suspect I have had it for about 5.

The last 6 months have been toughest and more noticeable to myself and others. … .so, I am here to observe,learn and hopefully smile occasionally.

Flopsy - just wanted to stay stick with Flopsy. Did you know dogs who are called lucky claim the most times on their Pet insurance - that might be the owners that make the claims but still stick with flopsy

Hi Flopsy, big welcome to the gang! Tell us more about yourself. Click on ‘new thread’ to say hi. I worry that when newbies introduce themselves on end of another thread they don’t always get the big hello they deserve. You are in the best place possible on here with us experts! Liked your joke about Lucky but hey you are lucky now you’ve found us. Hope you’re doing ok and see you on here again soon… Only around 10% of MSers have PPMS so we are an elite little gang! Take care, Pat x